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World of Tanks Blitz Hack! Get Free WoT Gold – No Survey! Version

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World of Tanks Blitz hack finally arrives on our website! if you’re not sure what this is but it somehow sounds familiar, it is because this is a mobile version of the world-famous competitive tank game simply called World of Tanks.

Now, we realize that this is near impossible but, if you don’t know what World of Tanks is then probably don’t have Internet access or even a television. However, we’re not going to exclude this option and are going to present a game to you just like you don’t know a thing.

So, there is this super popular competitive game. It is called World of Tanks. The game released quite a while ago and due to its huge popularity, it soon got a mobile version. This game was named World of Tank Blitz so that you can distinguish PC from Windows Phone/iOS/Android version.

To say that this game is very popular would be a huge understatement. With over 50 million downloads just on Google Play, this is one of the most popular games of all times. We’re not even exaggerating when we say that. Nearly everyone who calls himself  a gamer, even casual, has heard about this behemoth of competitive gaming.

World of Tanks Blitz free gold hack has been developed to please that huge player base. It is going to allow anyone who uses it to progress throughout the game quickly. The game is a free to play and has some restrictions. However, if we are to be fair, we have to admit that those restrictions are indeed minimalistic.

It is a competitive game and the developers are trying to keep it as fair as possible considering that it’s a free to play title. So far, we would say that they’ve done a good job.



What is World of Tanks Blitz hack and how does it improve my gameplay experience?

If you want to play the game with a freemium approach, go on right had and do it because it is more than playable that way. However, if you want to compete with some of the best players, we advise either purchase gold or use World of Tanks Blitz cheats.

The game has a couple of currencies. Those are:

  • credits
  • experience
  • and gold.


Credits are the main resource in the game. You get credits for everything you do basically. You go into a battle, you shoots, you destroy enemy tanks and at the end of the battle you get some credits. If you emerge victorious, that amount is drastically increased. We would say that credits are fairly easy to come by if you play regularly.

Then we have experience. Experience works kind of as a currency in this game. The fact that you can spend it makes it a currency in our book so we are going to feature it here. After you win a battle you will receive some experience. You will receive some of it even if you lose based on your performance but, should you win, that amount will multiply just like credits.

Last but not least, we have the gold. Gold is the premium currency of this game and it is rather hard to come by. Note that hard does not mean that it’s impossible to get it without paying for it. You can exchange your credits to purchase gold although it will take 400 credits to get one gold. This is a rather steep conversion ratio and we would generally advise you not to go with it.

What we can do for you is make it so that you have access to all of these currencies through WoT Blitz hack!


Hack WoT Blitz free gold and dominate the battleground!

So, you’ve probably noticed that it is only possible to get free gold through our WoT Blitz hack. This is correct, you cannot generate credits nor experience with this online hack. But that doesn’t mean you can get them anyway.

You see, being the premium currency of the game, gold has a lot of uses. By allowing the players to get free gold, we allow them to get everything else as well. This way it is easier for us to release new game hacks more frequently and it is easier for you to hack WoT Blitz.

You only have to wait for the generator to generate one instead of three resources. This makes the process three times faster than it would normally be. Considering how popular this game is, there are going to be tons of users at any given time. Allowing only gold to be hacked should speed up the resource generation process a lot.

Through the in game store, you can exchange gold for both credits and experience. In other words, by hacking World of Tanks Blitz, you are also getting free credits and experience. This is exactly like hacking all of the three resources simultaneously, only much easier and faster.




How to use World of Tanks Blitz cheats for Android and iOS with no survey?

Hacking the game is actually the easiest part. Those of you familiar with how things work around GameBag already know the process. If you’re one of our returning users, feel free to skip this part altogether.

Those of you that are new to our website, first and foremost, we welcome you. We hope that you find everything you are looking for and that everything works out the way you wanted it to.

As for the actual hacking of the game, we have prepared this short guide for you. It will explain everything you need to do and guide you through the steps of hacking WoT Blitz free gold On Android and iOS. To use WoT Blitz cheat you simply have to:


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a red button. Once you found the button, you need to press it.
  2. Pressing the button will initiate a redirection process. This fully automated process will take you exactly where you need to be in order to hack World of Tanks Blitz.
  3. Once you arrive on the new website, simply read the instructions that are written there in case you have any problems. However, due to that websites user-friendly interface there shouldn’t be any problems.


After completing these three simple steps, you will be able to hack World of Tanks Blitz for Android and iOS devices.



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