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Wordabeasts Mac Game

Wordabeasts Mac Game is a great game. We offer opportunity to download Wordabeasts Game for Mac. You can download Wordabeasts OS X Game for free, is available now on our website. If you want to play this amazing game, can you get it in our website.

Welcome to Wordabeasts, the multiplayer party game full of adventure and intellect!
After starting your adventure, all players will join the game with their mobile device. Then the hunt begins as all players receive words on their devices and try to quickly think of a single clue word that connects them together. Everyone earns points for guessing other player’s words and them guessing yours!

Wordabeasts can be played with anywhere from 3-8 players, but in the jungle more is definitely merrier. Pack in your friends and family for the adventure of a lifetime! (well, the weekend at least). 

Once starting the game, all players can join through a web browser on their personal mobile device and enter the code on screen to join the safari!


    • OS: 10.8+
    • Storage: 500 MB available space
    • Additional Notes: Each player will need an additional device with a modern web browser
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