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Word Cookies Hack! Free Sugar, Puzzles, Gold and More! Version

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Word Cookies is a puzzle game released at the end of the last year. We might be a little bit late for the preview, that’s true…However since cookies never go out of fashion, now is a good a time as any to review it!

We all enjoy cookies, in many different forms and shapes, there’s no denying. Either baked by our mom, grandma or even store bought, it doesn’t matter! A good cookie at the right time can help you brighten your whole day. While it might not be the healthiest snack you can’t deny that at least once you enjoyed them. Alone or with friends, as a dessert or as a main course – which later tastes like regret.

Seems like the game developers counted on all of this when creating Word Cookies. Since we just cannot seem to stop playing this game. It’s not a hardcore gaming session that lasts for hours mind you! It’s just installed on your phone, and every once in a while you just get in and solve a few puzzles.

It might seem simple and uninteresting at first, and we can’t lie, we thought so too. Until we solved the first puzzle… You just kinda get hooked and play for like an hour or so. Naturally, soon after you will get bored, but you don’t uninstall it. In fact that’s the beauty of this game, you just keep coming back.

We can assure you that Word Cookies is the right thing to playas a passtime. We can’t really explain it with words properly, since you just have to try it yourself. Much like real cookies!

Without further ado let’s do a bit of reviewing and try to find out why is this game so addictive.



Are Word Cookies Really Worth Your Time and Money? How and Why You Should Hack It?


All jokes aside, Word Cookies isn’t really that great of a game. However it has been climbing the toplists recently and for a good reason. It’s addictive as hell and it kind of hypnotizes you while you play. We’ll try to explain why.

While Word Cookies isn’t a ‘good game’ it’s definitely a good puzzle app. As it successfully draws you to it, and makes you come back all the time.

Especially at the beginning of the game when everything seems easy. You’re confident that you can solve everything they throw at you…Until you get to that one word that you just can’t find. So what do you do? You shuffle the letters hoping you find the missing word that you need. Sometimes you get it, most of the times you don’t.

Before going into the psychology behind it let’s talk a bit about the game itself.

In each puzzle of Word Cookies, you are presented with a different amount of letters. You know those alphabet cookies you enjoyed as a kid? These are the ones you use here to make predetermined words.

This is the simple task that you are presented with in this game, things get rougher as you progress.

The game’s nothing special when it comes to art style, just some cute bakery theme in the background. You might not even notice it to be honest. Music and sounds are kind of cheerful and are probably designed to keep you playing. The constant ‘success’ noises and pop-ups remind us a bit of slot machines.

However if there’s one thing we hated about the game – it’s the pop-up ads. The game monetizes almost every click you make, and we found that repulsive to be honest.

Mostly because of that reason, we made a hack for this game!


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word cookies free coins hack tool


Word Cookies Cheats – Levels, Hints, Gold Use and How to Get Free Gold


The first 35 levels of puzzles you encounter are made out of 3-4 cookie pans. This makes them quite easy to solve. In our opinion it is this part of the game that hooks you on. After you complete each word in a level you get a nominal reward of few points.
These points don’t matter much since you can’t use them. They are there to show your progress mostly. However what you can use are gold coins! These can be obtained by completing star cookies, by leveling up, butterfly bonuses, daily rewards, special levels. Rating the game also gives you 50 gold.

There are many ways to obtain them as we said, but only one way to spend them. Hints are used when you are stuck on a level and can’t find a word. You won’t need them at all when you start the game, but you will later on.

Once you defeat the basic level you will move onto the ‘Vanilla‘ level. This introduces you to five-pan puzzles which are significantly more complicated. However you still can see how many words you are missing and how many letters each of them has.

Many people are truly enjoying this game and it has decent review on the app store. Hence we tried it out in the first place.

We are fully aware of the difficulties you face on the higher levels. Missing one or two words per task is not rare. For that reason we made our Word Cookies Gold hack generator. There is no waiting, payments or long surveys that you need to complete.


Gold Hack for Word Cookies – How to Use ?


Our gold hack has no survey, most of you already know that. But there always are some new users that are visiting us for the first time!
For this reason we have created a step-by-step guide on how to find and use our gold generator.

We at GameBag truly mean it when we say – we won’t ask anything in return. Hence all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of this page and find a red button. This red button is named Online Hack it has a neat hand symbol next to it. You can’t really miss it!

After you click it you will be redirected, but don’t worry – you’re getting redirected to our gold generator. From there on you will be guided by the built-in generator’s tips!


Online Hack

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