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VW RNS315 Europe,North America map 2019

VW RNS315 Europe,North America map 2019


A step by step for newbie :

Steps 1:
Format your Samsung Evo+ SD Card with FAT32 format.
In my case, my 64 Go card was in ExtFAT, so i use a MacBook Air to format it in FAT32 (Linux cannot use ExtFAT format).
You can also use for example SDFormatter on Windows to format the 64 Go card in FAT32.
Extract the content and copy on the SD card, top folder is navpsf_update

Step 2 :
Use UNetBootIn to create a Live Linux USB on an USB Key


Download from here:


Choose UBuntu distribution
If you want, choose an amount of disk space (space used) on your USB Key to save or preserve files across reboots
When done, reboot your computer and depending of the computer, press a button such as your computer will reboot on the USB.

Step 3 :
Copy on Linux Desktop your folder where you put the mmc tools and open folder, here Right click and select “open terminal”
Or open a terminal session (you can search it on top left of UBuntu).
In the “terminal” put command:
sudo -s
See which SD is yours, in my case it is mmcblk0
Change the execution permission of the file mmc :
chmod 777 mmc
If you want, read the original CID of your SD card :

Change the CID with the mmc tool :

After this command will display :
Writing new CID
Success! Remove and reinsert SD card to check new CID.
Remove the card and reinsert it for reset the CID information.
Read new CID

The new CID must be :

Now for the RNS315, you must to lock the card by password, it’s not possible to unlock it with normal MMC
driver, you need a patched version of kernel (i don’t have it) to be able to unlock it or with Nokia Symbian Phones. It means that after updating your RNS315, the card wil be useless

Step 4 :
Go to your car.
Start your car
insert your SD card
Update your RNS315 (the SDcard will be paired with the RNS315 of your car)
The update will take about 2 hours

RNS315 updated with 64G evo+ card.

Now i need to format it and wait till V9 maps is released.

I have an Nokia E65, but this phone don’t work to format the card.

Done some research across the forums:
(I don’t know witch card people have used 32gb or 64gb but i think it’s irrelevant to this)

Phones that have been reported to work:

* Nokia E71 – Symbian V9.2 S60
* Nokia 6220 – Symbian V9.3 S60
* Nokia E51 – Symbian V9.2 S60
* Nokia N82 – Symbian V9.2 S60
* Nokia N97 – Symbian V9.4 S60
* Nokia C5 – Symbian V9.3 S60
* Nokia 5800 XpressMusic – Symbian V9.4 S60
* Nokia 701 – Symbian Belle

Phones that have been reported not to work:

* Nokia E65 – Symbian V9.1 S60
* Nokia E61i – Symbian V9.1 S60

This two phones when going to memory card menu shows:
1st- Memory card Corrupted/Damaged
2nd- Then select: format – It shows alert that all data will be lost – press YES
3rd – Shows formatting status bar for a second and get’s out showing the advice that memory card is corrupted/damage again.
Go to PC to see if deleted/formated something: Card not recognized.
Go to car to see if deleted/formated something: card still good to update RNS315, it still ask’s if you want to replace the maps.

So i think that phones with Symbian V9.1 won’t format/unlock the card, only V9.2 and above.

Last update  2019

Download from here:


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