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Unlimited, free Credits and Gold with Modern Strike Online Hack Version

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Hello and welcome to our Modern Strike Online Hack. Have  you ever played the likes of Counter Strike or, well, any other First Person Shooter? If you have, and especially if you are the fan of the genre, we are sure you are loving this new addition to the FPS family.

This fun and easy to use game has taken over hearts of the many mobile gamers. And with a good reason too! This game is really easy to get into and too much fun to let down.

And as with any other game made for mobile market it features a lot of chests and paid features for you to give your money away.

But fear no more, as with our Modern Strike Online cheat tool you are on your way to become the biggest badass in the game without paying a cent. And as with any other hack here on GameBag, Modern Strike Online cheat has no survey. We are not here to rip you off, only to help you get most out of the game. So, let’s jump right in.



Why go for Modern Strike Online Android and iOS Cheat?

If you have already picked this gem up from iOS or Android app store and played it even for a little bit you know you need to spend real money on it. There is no use denying it. This game is rigged for players with most cash to win. And that is the way most games nowadays work, so it came as no surprise that a game which has so many similarities to the (in)famous Counter Strike features a pay to win situation.

But, that is all about to change. We decided to help you by making Modern Strike Online hack and made sure you don’t have to abide and pay real money to win and enjoy this game. Because the only thing we hate more than anything is pay to win.

That system does not work and it actually shouldn’t. And the reason for all that hate is actually pretty simple: if you want to make someone pay – make the user pay to play. Everything after that feels like extortion. But, of course, this is just our opinion.


Will hacking Modern Strike online for free gold ban you from the game?

Now, we get this question a lot. And the only thing we can say to you is we ran this cheat multiple times and never had any issue with it. Even today, the game loads for us and all our hacked gold is still on there.

So, from our experience – no, you won’t get banned from the game. The only thing we would like to add is to make sure you don’t abuse this Modern Strike Online hack tool and you are good.


So what can you buy after hacking the game?

In the FPS world it is important to stay ahead of your opponents and have best equipment for the job. And as with any other good shooter game there are a lot of things you have to consider before going into battle.

It is not enough to just use Modern Strike Online hack, you need to think about all the ways you can use resources to up your game. And we’re here to break it down for you.

There are two main things you need to ugrade:

  • Weapons: primary (assault rifles), secondary (guns), knives(combat knives), grenades and medkit;
  • Armor: helmet, gloves, chest and boots.

And if  you don’t want to spend time looking into all of those separately you can just hack Modern Strike Online for gold and get yourself chests and get everything in bundle. There are four chests in total and each vary in both cost and items procured:

  • Golden Chest: basic chest with small loot – 150
  • Premium Weapon Chest: score yourself some premium weapons pack – 800
  • Random Armor Chest: as the name implies, one random armor will be delivered to your account – 1200
  • Legendary Weapon Chest: make sure everybody knows you’re elite and get yourself some good looking high-grade weapons – 2400

Have you settled on what you want to buy? Good. Now, let’s see how you can hack the game.


How to use Modern Strike Online Hack?

If you are familiar with any of our game hacks here at GameBag, you won’t have any problem using this tool. All of our game hacks run the same and very little to no expertize is needed to use our Modern Strike Online cheat tool. All you’ve got to do is scroll down to find button labeled “Online Hack” and press it.

From there you will get redirected to our hack tool page. Simply click “Connect” and the process of searching for first free server will begin. Don’t worry, that process is completely automated so you only need for it to finish before getting transferred to our Modern Strike Online cheat. And if it fails during your first attempt, don’t panic! Simply refresh the page and try again.

Once you have successfully connected to the hack the rest is simple. Select the amount of gold and credits you wish to get transferred to your account and enter Username and Platform when asked. Press “Generate” and wait for us to deliver your desired funds to your account.


Here enter Account info for Modern Strike Online hack!

And this is how generated resources from our Modern Strike Online cheat look like!


And that is it! You have successfully hacked Modern Strike Online! Way to go!


Please don’t spam

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity and ask of you not to abuse the “Generate” button located on the hack tool. Any and all misuse of our Modern Strike Online gold and credits generator will result in activation of our No Bot systems.

That is to protect you, our users, and us from both bots and those impatient people who think that if they press “Generate” more than once they will get more funds.

To use our hack again all you need to do is run the hack again from the beginning and you will get unlimited Modern Strike Online gold without any problem!



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