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Train Conductor World Download Full PC Game

Train Conductor World Download Full PC Game

Train Conductor World by The Voxel Agents is an arcade puzzle game. As the name indicates, you are train conductor. You sit swiftly across screen see for the coming trains and get them to right oath so that they do not collide. You can even increase your rail network and connect more and more European cities through trains. You can enjoy this game on both the Android & iOS platform. Moreover, you can also play Train Conductor World on PC with the help of this article. Follow the detailed steps in this guide to Download & Play Train Conductor World for PC on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 / 8, Windows XP & MAC OS. But before that, lets talk a bit about this game first.

Train Conductor World Download Full PC Game

Start your journey with Lucie the guide. She will tell you how you have to direct all trains and maintain your decorum in chaos. The tracks are numbered as 1 2 3 and contains a board on each side. To indicate the arrival of train, number board blinks red. So, by knowing this you can drag and place it on track which gives it safe exit without collision. Also, you can stop trains by holding the tap so that the other train can pass safely. Try guiding the train to track where there isn’t any incoming train. The tracks will increase as you proceed further in game. Hence, it will become more difficult for you control them all simultaneously. You need to bring out the spontaneity in your play so that the journey continues unhitched. Your score and ranking will be visible just after your trains crash.

 As rewards for your best performance in one city you get a puzzle piece. Now, access the map and join one city to another and increase your rail network. With this you enter the new level and new difficulty. Some cities contain riverside and you need to make track so that your train travel and exit. Join 1 to 4 to 4 to 2 or 3 to 1 to run things smoothly. There isn’t any limit to combinations. However, you just have to refrain trains from colliding by any means. Further, you can even customize your trains and engines as you proceed. And you can even use boosters to speed up your task. So, expand your network all across Europe and make your system more and more efficient. Reduce the rate of accidents and let your trains travel. And be on your toes for managing some close calls.

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