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TPS Roblox Game Mode Reviews – HEX Version

Since there was so much interest in our past articles about Roblox we decided to stick to it. While writing and publishing these articles we noticed that our site is being visited by more younger audience. We at GameBag really enjoy this fact since we always thrive to expand our groups of viewers and followers.

The last article we published was about an MMORPG Hexaria that is still in development. This time, however, we are reviewing an Third Person Shooter. It’s quite a jump from an RPG game, we know, but as we’ve already said, our audience is large. Therefore we need to cover different types of things.

We will be talking about HEX, we’ll give you our honest opinion about it, as well as some facts that you should know.
HEX Online is Roblox’s Premier Arena Shooter, an online FPS is you will. We won’t lie, it has a pretty addictive and dynamic gameplay. The best thing about it is that it’s pretty easy to learn.

The worst thing is that it is kind of pay-to-win oriented. This won’t be a problem if you’re playing for fun, and don’t have intention on reaching the leaderboards.

In hopes we sparked your interest for this game mode we are heading straight to the real deal. Enough chitchat let’s review the game!

HEX Online – Roblox First Person Shooter Arena – General Review and Opinions

As we’ve already said HEX is pretty easy to learn, but it is in fact quite hard to master. The fast paced gameplay has proved to be quite fun, even if it can get a bit confusing to newcomers. It’s pretty addictive as well though, so parents hide your credit cards!

HEX has a really good sound design, and really good coding as far as we understand. It is polished to the max, and there are very few bugs that we encountered. In addition to it’s simplicity in terms of learning, HEX also provides you with a fast progression.

You will get XP pretty quickly if you dedicate some of your time to this game. However there is a catch to this. HEX is kind of pay-to-win…
This means that you will not be able to top the leaderboards without a few Robux spent on this or that. Luckily we have a
free Robux generator, that you can use to gain Robux without spending money.

Be sure to check it out if you don’t feel like giving away hundreds of dollars.

Since the game is simple to learn and is hard to master you might find yourself annoyed by other players. Since the ‘pros’ in the game will constantly pull off cheap moves and annoy the hell out of you. This of course is justified since they too want to reach the top. But for us others that play for fun, it might seem unnecessary.

The other thing we found a bit annoying in the game is the bland gun design. Yes you do have different guns but it all comes down to the same thing. We understand the limitations of the Roblox engine, but take a look at Hexaria’s variety of weapons. Why couldn’t the developers implement something similar?



Our Experience With HEX Online So Far – Impressions and Thoughts

Hex itself is pretty impressive, we had loads of fun playing it and testing it our for you guys. It’s very well coded and obviously lots of time, money and effort went into making it.
The controls of the game are pretty basics, it’s the usual shoot-and-run game style. You walk around shooting people, pretty simple.
The game’s sound design, although great, you won’t be paying too much attention to it probably.

The game is pretty generous with XP and leveling, it’s pretty fast and frequent. However, something the game is not generous about is the credit earning. This seems to be a problem with most Roblox game modes, the credits earning is legitimately too slow. This isn’t a problem with just our patience since this was discussed among other players as well.
Even if you top the game, and play as best as you can, earn the MVP status, you still get barely 100 credits. If you don’t top the game and play averagely, you will get from 30-60 credits. This can prove to be quite annoying as anything worthy of buying is 2000-4000 credits!

The Robux shop can help you out with earning credits of course. The least you can get is 1,300 credits for 200 Robux. The ‘Best Deal’ is 32,000 credits for 5000 Robux. Luckily you have our Robux generator and it won’t cost you anything but a little time.

The guns are armor aren’t really that special either. Although the armor can look pretty awesome, the guns just don’t cut it for us. They are kind of ‘meh’ really, nothing special. Guns pretty much share the same stats and use different skins for them. This is probably to balance things out, but the developers could’ve really put a little more effort here.

Summary and Final Verdict – Is HEX Worth Playing?

We definitely recommend HEX, no way around it. Although it might not be for everyone, you should at least try it and see if it’s to your liking. The few game modes will keep the game interesting for quite some time.

But the best advice we have to give you is: ‘Keep your cool!’. Trust us the last thing you wanna do is get stressed and raged out about this game. It’s just simple fun and you should treat it like it is. You got killed by another player? Who cares, you’ll respawn in a matter of seconds.

The moment you start taking this game too seriously is the moment you will start to hate it. And we don’t want that to happen while playing games.

If you stumble upon a time of the day on the server when there are many people using cheap tricks, quit. Make a pause, come back later and we assure you the game will seem much better that way.

Or you can just spend thousand of Robux and dominate ten year olds in this FPS, the choice is yours!

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