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Top 5 NBA Games of All Time Version

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Greetings loyal GameBag readers! Today we’ve thought of making a list inspired by basketball video games. More specifically we will list our (personal) Top 5 basketball games of all time. It’s only right after we’ve done created so many NBA 2K18 articles!

In all honesty, we’ve grown fond of the NBA 2K18. We at GameBag have never really given it a shot before. We blame the stereotypes revolving around sports games in general. We just didn’t seem to like them that much. On the other hand, as we’ve experienced it firsthand, we gotta say that it’s some quality content! On that note we tried other basketball oriented games. Breaking the prejudices is basically what we’ll do with this article.

Also we’d like to encourage you all to be more open minded towards different games. Don’t make the same mistake we did in the past. It doesn’t have to be NBA 2K18 or sports games in general. Give that genre, you thought was inferior before, a try… You just might surprise yourself like we did!

On the other note we’d like to point out that we had a little outside help with this project. Namely, since we’re new to the whole sports genre we invited few experienced people to help us out, naturally they accepted our offer which lead to the making of this article.

Keep in mind, that some of the games on the list we (as in GameBag staff) haven’t played. However that will soon change, of course. And with the help of our dear friends, we will be able to give you more insight into the world of basketball games!

So now that you know all the details behind our recent experiences regarding this genre, let’s begin!

Here’s the list, going from the last, to the first game…




NBA Showdown

This one is what they would call old but gold! To be honest, this is one of the few basketball games that we’ve played in the past. We’ve given it a try because (aside from being pretty much the only decent NBA game at that time) of the hype it created when it came out – yes we’ve followed hype trains when we were young, who didn’t really?

It was the first NBA game to have all the teams and players available to play with! Its ancestors lacked all of that, which made them only a partial experience. Not only did NBA Showdown have all the teams and players – but they were all fully customizable! Such an awesome feature for such an old game, and in all honesty this pretty much was the selling point of the game. Who doesn’t like a team consisted of Michael Jordans and Shaqs?!

Aside from the good customization options the game had good replay value. Also it was one of the first games that we played together. While the vs mode was fun for a while, we quickly discovered the glitches in it. Being young, stupid and competitive we abused these glitches so much that the game lost it’s magic. Ultimately we stopped playing the game altogether but we gave it a try recently. Surprisingly, it has aged nicely – or maybe that’s just nostalgia speaking?



NCAA Basketball 10

Fast forward more than a decade into the future and you’ll see something really good! This is also one of the games that we just couldn’t avoid playing. However we didn’t do it by choice. Since we have many jock friends even though we’re a bit geeky ourselves, we just couldn’t avoid this game while coming over to their house. It was a big thing in 2009-2010 and when we revisited now, we’ve seen why.

Aside from very neat graphics this game also was highly customizable. Aside from standard NBA setting, in NCAA Basketball 10 you could recruit highschool players. You could make your dream roster, update it and play the highest quality college basketball game at that time!

However, these games didn’t do too well apparently, hence EA stopped creating them. Too bad if you ask us, we’d love to see how it would evolve today!




After the NBA Showdown, NBA 2K from 1999 was the next revolutionary step in the basketball game world. Not only did it have amazing graphics for its time but it also was very enjoyable overall. The graphics were so good, we didn’t mind them at all while we played a few days ago. In the spirit of the 90s NBA 2K had a bunch of arcade challenges for everyone to enjoy.

All in all it was a huge step forward in the whole genre of sports games – basketball specifically. After this game, more and more money went into this part of the gaming industry.



NBA 2K14

From the information that we’ve gathered NBA 2K14 was the most praised NBA 2K game. Not only was it a huge success in terms of earnings but it was also a fan-favourite! We had the opportunity to play this gem, but only for a bit. However, our external help proved that all the rumors were true. This really was (and still is) a gem among basketball games.

In terms of graphics, NBA 2K14 made a huge leap from NBA 2K13. Remarkable work by the developers made this game enjoyable by fans worldwide. Gameplay was different enough to keep the old fanbase interested, as well as bring in the newcomers.



NBA 2K18

Of course this one made it to the top! NBA 2K18 is (in our humble opinion) the best basketball game of all time. The graphics were absolutely amazing while the controls are easy to get into.

We have to admit, at first we really weren’t happy with the game itself. However, after putting the awful reviews and feedback aside, we gave it a shot. If you can overlook the annoying microtransactions this game is really something! Maybe the reason we think so is because we got all the VC for free… Wait don’t tell us you haven’t heard about it? If you haven’t – check the full article on free VC for NBA 2K18.

We won’t go into too much details regarding NBA 2K18 and its contents. We wouldn’t want to repeat ourselves too much since we already did something similar not that long ago. If you want to check our latest review of the game, do so here.



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