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Top 3 Xbox Games You Need to Play in 2019 Version

Gamebag's list of the best xbox one games


Hello everyone and welcome to another one of our blogs! Today we will talk about the Best Xbox One Games of 2019! We wanted to make our list of the games that we think you must play. Returning from all of those NBA blogs will prove quite a refreshment for us. Don’t get us wrong – we learned to enjoy NBA but in this article it isn’t the focused game. Although it might appear on the list…

Now we all know that 2019, 2019 and 2019 were awesome years for a gamer. Triple A games were coming out left and right, new next gen consoles and graphics… It all seemed too good to be true. However good games just keep coming and coming, and we won’t complain of course! Not only is PC gaming on the rise, but consoles also have never been better!

Speaking of consoles Xbox One had quite a few awesome exclusives. Forza Horizon and Dead Rising are just some of these exclusives that make you wanna buy Xbox One this instant. However Xbox One has much more to offer than just exclusives. Some games are really only fully enjoyed while they’re played ona an Xbox controller. Because of that we will give you our opinions about the ‘must play’ games of 2019.

Check out our list below and see if you find anything you like. We guarantee you that it’s at least for a try, since we were skeptic about some of these games too. Keep in mind that the list won’t represent any specific order and the last game on the list might be just as good as the first one.

So without further ado let’s see which of the games marked 2019. for Xbox One users…


Tekken 7

Starting with Tekken 7 you know this list is going to be good! Tekken 7 made its way on the Xbox One consoles and everyone was stoked on it, especially us! Finally after 4 whole years has Xbox seen a decent Tekken game. It is as good looking as it gets for a game from 2019.

Namco really did a wonderful job with this part of the franchise. The redefined characters, fighting moves, graphics and game modes are just some of the new exciting stuff. However, the familiar gameplay pattern still stands so don’t think they completely overhauled it! Namco seems to be following the good old ‘if it ain’t broken – don’t fix it!’.

In our opinions there never was more reason for you to play Tekken. It suits newcomers and veterans alike, everyone will find something to enjoy. Tekken 7 is really an excellent fighter that builds upon the classic series in exciting new ways with unique twists. Whether you’re playing through the highly addictive Treasure Battle mode or taking on friends/rivals online, there is plenty to love in the newest Tekken installment.

So plug in your controllers, pass one to your friend and let the battle begin!



NBA 2K18

We really tried to avoid NBA 2K18 on this list but we simply couldn’t. Developers at 2K produce the best sports games these past couple of years. There is no way around it and we strongly suggest you try playing this game from the comfort of your couch.

There’s so much to explore starting from game modes with great depth, new moves, improved graphics. When we say improved graphics we really mean it – while playing NBA 2K18 we sometimes forget it’s even a game at all! Ridiculous depth in each of the game modes, near-photorealistic visuals, amazing ESPN-style presentation and great storylines are all that NBA 2K18 has to offer to you.

MyCareer is by far the best mode the game can offer you – in our opinion of course. However, as opposed to following the path of someone else, in NBA 2K18, MyCareer mode will let you create your own character and shape his own destiny on the court! It kind of has a RPG feeling to it if we dare to say it.

The only thing we couldn’t wrap our head around was the amount of microtransactions. Luckily we’ve found a way around them. Check out our article on this subject to find out more!

All in all it is a great step forward for the NBA 2K series, and wheather you’re a veteran of a newcomer we recommend this game!



Resident Evil 7

You all probably have already heard about this one. But we had to put it in the list because of the fun we had while playing it.

The developers made a leap of faith when they switched from standard 3rd person survival shooter to 1st person. Resident Evil 7 will keep you on your toes thoughout the whole game thanks to the first person experience. The horrors, gorey scenes, monsters have never felt so real!

You’ll play as Ethan. He’s a man who’s searching for his missing partner in a rural part of Louisiana. Along the way Ethan stumbles upon The Baker Family, a group of very strange individuals infected with some form of unknown deadly virus.

You have to get used to crawling through swamps, creeks, creepy haunted houses and abandoned towns because Resident Evil 7 is all about these! Also keep you eyes peeled for horrific monstrosities that lurk within the shadows. You’re no longer an officer, nor a soldier, nor a special agent. This part of the franchise leaves you vulnerable and afraid…exactly why it’s one of the best horror games in 2019!

For full experience, we suggest you keep playing this alone at night. However if you tend to get scared, get some company to help you out.



Xbox One Games

Since these are the topic of today’s article we thought it would be a good idea to remind you… We still have our free solution to give you a hand , it’s up and running. We strongly recommend you check it out as soon as possible. This is an offer you can’t afford to miss!

As you’ve already probably guessed, this and a couple of the upcoming blogs will relove around Xbox One. Hence this list will definitely be prolonged, stay tuned for the next article and until then, give some of these games a try!

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