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Throne: Kingdom at War Hack – Unlimited Amounts of Free Gold Version


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Past couple of weeks we’ve been playing Throne: Kingdom at War, and we must say we enjoyed it. Hence we created the Throne: Kindgom at War Hack for free Gold. Our hack is free for everyone and very easy to use. However we will talk about it later on in the part of the articled dedicated especially to the hack. First we gotta go over some of the game basics. This will be done in the Overview part of the article.

In the Overview part we will discuss some of the key aspects of Throne: Kingdom at War. While doing so we will be giving our opinions on it along the way. This part has nothing to do with the hack. So if you’re just here for the hack, you can skip this part without any trouble. However we don’t recommend skipping the last two parts of our article. Especially if you’re a newcome, we suggest that you carefully read the hack guide as well as the warning below.

There is so much content that we can talk about in Throne: Kingdom at War that we don’t really know where to start. However, we will give our best shot to explain the game briefly in the Overview part of the article. But before that we’d like to say that if you’re already familiar with the game, you should skip that part. We’re pointing this out simply to save you some time.

If you care only about the Throne: Kingdom at War hack itself, simply scroll down to the bottom of the page. After you’ve read the warning click the “Online Hack” button and start hacking.

So without further ado, let’s discuss the game and it’s core elements.



Throne: Kingdom at War – Overview of the Game and It’s Core Aspects


Throne: Kingdom at War is a new free to play browser MMO from developers Plarium. In it we took on the role of being a medieval lord in charge of our own castle and holdings. Aside from that we were also tasked with progressing our city, raising a military and competing against other players in PVP to become the dominant force in our Kingdom.


First impressions were set by the graphics of course, which are as stunning as ever. The developers at Plarium do a really good job of making the scenes on screen come to life, with flowing water, little soldiers marching along the palace walls, units training in the barracks; the animations and graphics look fantastic. Every little detail is taken care of properly and we really enjoyed the whole atmosphere it created.


When starting out you’ll be given a ton of different options, helping you find your feet. In fact, those options remain until the end of time/until you stop enjoying being pushed around. At first, you’re placing new buildings such as a barracks or an academy. The more you play, the more the focus is on upgrading those buildings or training new troops.


You can progress in Throne without spending money, but it’s a much slower process. Boosts are important to speeding things up, plus you can purchase a VIP membership which helps you hugely. Soon enough, everything is about waiting for a timer to finish.


Frankly this is the main problem we have with this game. It will quickly dissapoint you when the late game comes. Because soon enough it will become a waiting simulator. Now if you’ve followed our work here at GameBag you know that we hate waiting. This is the main reason we created this hack. Let’s check it out shall we?


Throne: Kingdom at War Hack – Unlimited Amounts of Free Gold – How To Get It?

First of all let us say that this hack works for all of the users on both iOS and Android devices.

We also feel the need to point out that our Throne: Kingdom at War hack is completely Free! That’s right, there is no fee required, no like or share requests before you even see what it is. And most importantly No Suvery is required for our hack to work! Now that you know all of this, we’d like to invite you to try out our Gold generator and give us some feedback.

Our hack can give you unlimited amounts Gold completely free. You can use it at any time and as much as you want. It all depends on you.

Most of you are already familiar with how all of this works. But not everyone is an experienced user of our hacks. Hence we created a simple guide for all of you that wish to know more. Here is how to properly use our Throne: Kingdom at War hack

  • First of all find a red button at the bottom of this page called ‘Online Hack’. Click that button and you’ll begin your journey to our generator.
  • You’ll get redirected to one of our pages that are meant to establish a secure connection. Simply find the ‘Connect’ button below the text and press it. Process will finish itself and then you can click ‘Proceed’, after that the hard part is over.
  • All that you need to do is specify the amount of Gold that you wish to hack. Confirm the selection by pressing the ‘Generate’ button.


Please be sure to input the proper information in this step!

This is what successfully generated Gold looks like


Please Don’t Spam Our Generator Servers!

Abusing and spamming our generator helps no one, including yourself. Servers will continuously crash if you keep spamming the ‘Generate’ button. Not only that but other players won’t be able to use our hacks as well.

Keep in mind that you aren’t the only one using our services and that other people want to benefit too.

All this can be avoided by the rational and moderate use of our Throne: Kingdom at War hack. Please keep in mind that if you spam our servers it will dramatically decrease our performance.

This applies to all of our other hacks, not just this one, since the generator’s servers are shared mutually.

All of this brings us to the conclusion that everyone benefits from moderation and rational use of our generators!

We at GameBag wish you happy hacking until next time!


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