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The Walking Dead March to War Hack! Free Bullets, Food and Salvage! Version

Hello again and welcome to our The Walking Dead March to War Hack. In this short text we are going to cover everything from the game review to how and why you should use our generator to better yourself in this apocalyptic new world. First, we will get to talk a bit about the game itself. Now, bare in mind that we didn’t put many hours into the game (yet), so we might miss a few features this game has to offer. So without further ado, let us get right into it.


Talking About Walking Dead March to War Hack and Game’s Core Aspects

One could easily say that one of the biggest realms of fantasy in today’s media includes, in some form or the other, hordes of decomposing, but strangely agile, walking undead. These creatures are known to haunt our nightmares and even cause a few restless nights while our third cousin with severe asthma sleeps in our room. It even inspired many people to start preparing for impending doom. From building houses like fortresses, hoarding food and weapons to even going to such lengths as to pay for professional “Survive the Dead” packages that can help you once the apocalypse hits.


Of course, we are talking about Zombies. They have infiltrated almost every genre of media known to us today. And one of the biggest franchises dealing exclusively with them is, of course, Robert Kirkmans “The Walking Dead”. From his very popular comic book spawned not one, but two successful TV shows, countless games and even a little mobile strategy gem named “The Walking Dead March to War”. And some of you may even ask: “Do we need another entry to this genre at this point?”, and we at GameBag are here to answer that question for you.

The Game

Now, the game itself is quite easy to get into. Especially if you are the fan of the franchise. Story follows more of the comic book route but it will form narrative backbone for the upcoming season of original TV show “The Walking Dead”. It follows fan- favorite “March to War” storyline and turns it into playable multiplayer mobile strategy game. And that is something to be excited about if you are fan.

As the apocalypse is already in full effect as you step into the shoes of your hero from the get-go you are stuck trying to keep yourself and your teammates alive and kicking while struggling to gather resources and build your fortress to keep away all the undead. And if that is what you are looking for – look no further! This is a game for you.

However if you already know the game pretty well and just want to skip to the Walking Dead March to War Hack, feel free to do so! We certainly don’t want to make you read the stuff you already know. We value your time and won’t pressure you to do annoying things such as likes, shares etc as well.

It is a cruel, cruel world out there

Not everyone can survive the zombie swarm. And that is something you are very well aware going into this game. Each character you meet during your play can become part of your community. You can learn their backstory and train them only to see they have died during a raid or a swarm. And that is the kind of experience you are looking to get from this game. Like everyone and everything is expendable. It is also something that makes this game feel, almost, organic. Even something like joining forces to take down common enemy can lead to betrayal and failure as players objectives change. Of course, there are big characters from the leading franchise, but truthfully, we found deaths and betrayals of the newer entries left a bigger mark on us.


Explore and build to survive

One of the biggest features this game has to offer is playable area. It is visually stunning and spans miles. Of course, the map covers area of DC and with each gaming session you will get to explore and discover new areas. And while discovering it you will get to better your community with new living quarters and upgrades. Now, these are very important to you because, as their fierce leader, you are the one responsible for protection and betterment of your people. You can even hold landmarks such as the Sanctuary, Pentagon, Alexandria, The Kingdom and many others. And of course, other communities will try to steal them from you. So make sure to stock up!


Something worth mentioning

On the other hand, this game has its drawbacks. One we had the biggest issue with is the lack of satisfaction while completing the task. With no killing animations you never get to feel the rush of your successful raid. You are left with a victory much like winning a game of “Risk” that you played all by yourself. And that is something we felt was really missing in this game. A sense of accomplishment followed by some cool animations.

Now, something else worth mentioning to you is the online aspect of this game. As we mentioned before, you can join other communities to help you complete some task. Those other communities can, but not exclusively, be other players. This sometimes helped with that feeling of accomplishment that we found lacking, but it is rare and most of the time you do end up fighting your online friends. So make sure to always be prepared for anything!

Moving onto our the Walking Dead March to War cheat tool…


The Walking Dead March to War Hack Account Info Input



Let’s talk about The Walking Dead March to War Hack for Resources

You might already know this, but we aren’t the richest guys out there. Paying to enjoy a good mobile game is rarely an option. That is how we felt about “The Walking Dead March to War”. Even though solid strategy game, more than not, you are forced to pay money to get Bullets, Food and Salvage materials. That is something we aim to change. As with our other Resource Generators, The Walking Dead March to War cheat for Bullets, Food and Salvage helps you cross the divide and makes a game easier to play. And for free at that! That is right: get unlimited amounts of resources using our The Walking Dead March to War Bullets Generator and watch as your community flourishes around you! To get to your resources simply click on big red “Online Hack” button at the end of this text and follow the simple instructions.

And that is it. We hope you enjoyed our little review and that you get to enjoy the game as much as we did. Thank you for reading and, as always, we wish you successful hacking.


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