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The Evil Within 2 Mac OS X Games

The Evil Within 2 Mac OS X Games

This new The Evil Within 2 OS X was just released, for all the Macbook & iMac owners. This one is a third-person survival horror video game which is really interesting. This sequel to the 2019’s game is way superior to the previous title. This the main reason for which we have decided to start the The Evil Within 2 for mac OS project. This game exceeds the adventure os x games category.

The Evil Within 2 OS X SCREENSHOTS

The Evil Within 2 OS X

The Evil Within 2 OS X

The main plot of The Evil Within 2 OS X revolves around Sebastian Castellanos. The protagonist has left the police department to uncover the truth. He tries to find out more things about Mobius but continues to be hunted down by the experiences he goes through. He is approached by Juli Kidman, which reveals to him that Juli is still alive.

This game is pretty similar to its predecessor. It is played from a third-person perspective and the player will need to assume control over Sebastian Castellanos. He will have to rescue his daughter in this game. The Evil Within 2 has larger maps for the player to explore. There are a lot of objects, enemies and resources to be discovered in this game. Players can even engage in direct confrontations through the game. They will be able to use their weapons and they will also have to use their stealth in order to prevent themselves from being noticed. The crafting system is also a big part of this game by offering the players the possibility to make their own weapons. Enjoy!

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Latest Download On: 22.11.2019

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