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TEKKEN Mobile Hack for Android and iOS – Free Coins and Gems! Version

Tekken is finally playable on handheld devices! It's very close to the real thing which is even better

Rejoice Tekken fans! GameBag staff has finally decided to create and release the hack for TEKKEN mobile. However, this game has been made to work on mobile devices. Mostly on Android and iOS, at least as far as we know. You can collect a number of familiar characters from previous games. But we aren’t sure that you will find every character from Tekken here….again as far as we know! But let’s save the rest of the talk about the game itself for the Overview part. Now let’s see what comes after the Overview part…

As most of you already know after the Overview part comes the Hack part. In this part we will explain briefly what our TEKKEN Mobile hack is all about. We will give you some insight on how it will help you improve your gameplay. Also, for the newcomers, we’ve prepared a small guide to help you through the process of hacking. All in all we will try to clear any confusion regarding our hack for TEKKEN mobile game as well as any of our other hacks (Since they all mostly work the same way!). Two birds with one stone – some would say! We’ll efficiency and simplicity is what GameBag is all about so it shouldn’t come as a suprise.

Now that we’ve seen what exactly our article will contain we can continue on. Now we jump onto the Overview part of the game, stick around if you’re interested. If you already know the game – feel free to skip everything until the “Online Hack” button.

So without further ado, let’s see what the game has to offer us!



TEKKEN Mobile – General Game Review

TEKKEN on your mobile is pretty much the same as the other games with the same name. The core concept of beating people up is always the same! However there are nuances that make this game stand out from the ‘originals’…


The Game Itself

Just like in other Tekken games you will have loads of different fighters to choose from. It is said that the game features over 100 characters, but we can’t say for sure because we haven’t unlocked them all. Also, Tekken is known for having secret characters which can only be unlocked via ridiculous game feats. So the final number of characters might be even higher.

The main difference between this game and the others is that you need to unlock certain moves. This was never the case with other Tekken games so it came as a surprise to us. An unpleasant suprise nonetheless!

Also the three round system is no more! You will now fight a single round 1v1 that lasts 90 seconds. The player with more health at the end of the round wins.

The combat has also been redefined completely for the needs of handheld devices. It is very similar in style to Mortal Kombat X and its fightning system. For basic attack you will have to simply tap the right side of the screen. However to block you’ll need to use the left side of the screen. Swiping in the center allows you to have your character dash forward or back quickly. It takes time to adjust but in the end it really isn’t that complicated.

There’s also a story mode in which you assist Kazuya Mishima. You will help him take down his opponents, and eventually you’ll reach very strong bosses. The campaign isn’t anything special, but the focus of the game wasn’t set on them anyway.


Our Opinions

We will keep it short and to the point with our opinions. We’ve been fans of Tekken since it came our basically. So we got used to its unique style of gameplay and mechanics. While this is a certain leap from tactical usage of combos and juggles to screen smashing combat we realize the restrictions of today’s mobile devices. It simply isn’t possible to create such a complex game on such limited devices. Maybe in the future – who knows?

All in all the game is good and we certainly recommend it. As long as you keep in mind that it is meant to be played on your phone and not on your high-end PC or new gen of consoles you’ll go along just fine!


TEKKEN Mobile Hack – What is it? How Exactly Can You Use Its Benefits?

So as we’ve already told you guys, this Tekken has a certain twist. Not only do you have to pay for your characters but you also have to purchase certain combos and special moves. We found this kind of annoying to be honest since it clearly was a money grab and a time-wasting mechanic. You just shouldn’t change the core of the game like that all of a sudden even if it’s a game for smartphones.

An obvious money grab always makes us mad. What’s even worse is that there are lootboxes in game. A different box is bought with different currency – depending on the rarity of the said box. Also, every box can drop certain items (randomly generated) that can significally increase your gameplay experience. While you won’t ever reach a pay wall in TEKKEN for Mobile you’ll see that the Gold drop is quite low. Luckily with our hack you will have no problems with Gems or Gold! You’ll get unlimited access to our TEKKEN Mobile hack tool which will provide you with all the free Gold and Gems that you need.

How To Use Our Hack

Most of you area already familiar with how our hacks work, other are not however. Because we think of each and every one of you, we’ve decided to post a quick guide below:

  1. First thing’s first – scroll down and find the red “Online Hack” button on the bottom of the page. Click on the button and wait to be redirected to our TEKKEN Mobile Hack!
  2. Now it’s time to connect you to one of our generator’s servers. All you need to do is findand press the “Connect” button and wait for server to establish a secure connection. Once that is done just click “Proceed” and you are there!
  3. Select the amount of Gems you wish to generate to your game account, add account information and specify your platform. And that is it.

 It is very important to place the correct information into our Tekken Mobile Hack!

The outcome of using our hack will look similar to this


With this, the process of resource hacking for TEKKEN Mobile is finally done! We hope you get all that you came for! You can always share our TEKKEN Mobile hack with your friends it you liked it, it is an option and not a demand in any way!

See you until next time!


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