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Star Trek Timelines Hack – Generate Free Crystals and Honor – No Survey! Version

Embard on a journey across the entire universe with your favourite Star Trek crew in Star Trek Timelines!

Yet again a great day to post some generators for us here at GameBag. This time we are bringing you Star Trek Timelines Hack for free Crystals and Honor. This is the second hack we’ll post today, alongside the Haki Legend Hack which can be found here. It is something a little bit different today since it will mostly appeal to older audience. Even if you don’t know or like Star Trek you will still find plenty of fun stuff to do in this game. Now even if we are fans (not hardcore, but still fans) of Star Trek it’s important to stay objective. However let’s not get into too much detail as this is only the Introduction part. More on the game itself in the Overview part.

In the part of our article dedicated to our Hack we will explain how to properly use our hack. This is mostly for the newcomers of course, and even though most of you already know the drill, we have to please everyone. Feel free to skip the Overview part if you’re familiar with the game and proceed to this part. Read the warning below you can get straight into hacking!
So this is about it for the Introduction part of the article. We hope to have summed up the article properly for easier navigation. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the next content!



Star Trek Timelines – Game Overview

We won’t lie to you guys and gals, the Star Trek franchise is close to our heart. It will always have a special place in our memory….However, for the sake of proper review we will try to keep our objectivity. The trickiest part of reviewing mobile games at launch is seeing them for what they are instead of what you hope they will be over time. Hopefully we will do this properly. So with this said, let’s move on.

So first thing’s first Star Trek Timelines offers up ultimate wish fulfillment by combining the casts of every Star Trek TV show and movies. If you ever wanted to command the classic crew this is the game for you . Star Trek Timelines also gives you a reason for all of the eras of the franchise to collide. An interdimensional storm is coming, creating  a temporal crisis as explained by Q (and voice acted, at least in the game’s early stages, by the same man who played him on TV, John de Lancie).

Players can assemble the Star Trek crew of their dreams to resolve galactic conflict however they choose. You can do it through diplomacy, technology, science or force of arms. In-game decisions will affect the player’s story, their friends, and even the entire galaxy!

You’ll need a large crew, to save the universe though and to get everything you can out of the gameplay. Most of the time, you’ll be resolving story-driven situations by using the skills and traits of three different characters to find different solutions to challenges set before you. The game has a good built-in tutorial for the newcomers, so it won’t be all that confusing.

There are also space battles, which are great to look at thanks to some beautiful 3D graphics.


Star Trek Timelines Hack – How and Why You Should Use Our Hack?

Well, first of all, we have to point out that later on, the game becomes quite tedious. Space battles are good, don’t get us wrond, but after the initial hype over the visuals passes, it comes down to grinding. You assign a few crew members to battle stations, activate their skills as soon as the cooldown timers allow you to, and … pretty much sit back and watch. We really can’t stress enough that this feels like a waster opportunity.

After a while chasing Crystals and Honor becomes a chore rather than an adventure. It revolves around waiting and sitting back for the timers to go off. If you’ve already seen our other articles, you’d know that the GameBag staff simply hates waiting! For this reason we’ve decided to create the Star Trek Timelines Hack!

No Likes, Shares or Surveys required for our hack to work. Just simply follow the steps below:

  1. You need to scroll down and look for a button. The button is red and has the words “Online Hack” written over it.
  2. Once you’ve found it, you need to press it.
  3. When you press the button, it will take you to another website. Don’t worry, that’s what’s supposed to happen.
  4. On that website, you only need to follow a set of written instructions. Before you know it, you will have everything that you came here for.

From there on you are completely free to use our hack as much as you want. Soon enough Crystals and Honor won’t be a problem anymore and you’ll be operating on the best ships known to the Star Trek universe!


This is how the information should be placed into our Star Trek Timelines hack

Star Trek Timelines hack will provide you with unlimited amounts of Crystals and Honor as shown on the picture


Please Don’t Abuse or Spam Our Generators!

We always have to stress this because people usually don’t hack rationally. GameBag staff realizes that you guys want the most for your accounts. You have to know that by spamming the “Generate” button you’ll most likely end up with nothing. Why? Well our servers can only take so much abuse, and if you spam them – no resources get generated! Very simple, really.

So if you wish to use our generator please use it in moderation and with responsibility. You are using our generator, and many other people do, completely free! This is why we ask you only to be careful and use it in a smart way. Spamming and abusing helps no one!

Now that you have this in mind we encourage you to go and give our hack a try! GameBag staff always appreciates feedback so be sure to give us a like if you liked our hack!

That’s it for this article, and we will see you all tomorrow with two brand new generators! Until next time, we wish you all the luck in your future adventures!


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