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Soul Hunters Hack! Hack Coins And Diamonds In This MMORPG Version

This time we’re bringing you a Soul Hunters hack for coins and diamonds. Soul Hunters is an MMORPG and after playing quite a few puzzle apps it came as a refreshment.

We decided to give this game a try since it had plenty of downloads and a good rating in both app stores. When we say both we mean iOS and Android. Even if we mainly use iOS we have a few Android and Windows phones just in case. We always thoroughly check the game on each device because we strive to always give fully checked information.

Soul Hunters, being a side-scrolling MMORPG that it is reminded us a bit of our childhood. And all the other classic RPGs that we played back then. Ah the joys of playing Final Fantasy for the first time….

Anyway back to the topic at hand! Soul Hunters features a large hero collection and real-time strategy elements. There are both PvE and PvP aspects of the game. You can play any of these two to collect powerful items, learn the abilities and overall upgrade your heroes.

So it’s really up to you to chose the desired gameplay. You can chose to fight through hordes of enemies or try and match your skills with other players.

We enjoyed it to be honest, since Soul Hunters doesn’t get repetitive too much. Of course after playing for more than 20 hours we noticed some things did repeat. However this is quite normal for a smartphone RPG and we won’t rip on it because of that. On the contrary we were pleasantly surprised.

In this article we are presenting you with the Soul Hunters hack. With this generator tool you can acquire unlimited amounts of Coins and Diamonds.



Soul Hunters – What Is It Exactly? How to Play? How to Hack Coins and Diamonds?

Soul Hunters is a side-scrolling MMORPG similar to League of Angels, Brave Frontier and Chain Chronicle. Main goal of the game is to collect heroes, fuse them into a party, upgrade them and beat the campaign. Along the way you will progress through dungeons and kill different enemies that stand in your way.

Creating a good party is the core aspect of the game. You’ll need to pick out of 80 playable heroes and construct a viable and enjoyable party to play with. Strategy is very important when it comes to this game. Placement of heroes in the party is crucial to success since the tankiest heroes should be placed first.

Low-defense characters should never be placed in the front row since they would die rather quickly. They are mostly useful in the back row from where they can safely nuke the enemies.

Another important part of the gameplay involves activating the Ultimate abilities at proper times. Ultimate abilities are game changers and can often turn the fight to your advantage.

Different heroes have different abilities. You can get heroes from campaign rewards, quest rewards, chests etc. Chest are bought either with in-game currency or shop currency. Luckily we made your a hack for both Diamonds and Coins. Our generator will help you acquire more heroes quickly and upgrade them in a matter of hours.

There are different resources in the game, we won’t go through them all. But we assure you that these two are more than enough to get most of the heroes. You can also use diamonds to refill stamina and buy upgrades etc.

We covered most of the game by hacking just these two. Making the job easier for both GameBag staff and our loyal followers!


soul hunters interface for cheat connection

soul hunters free diamonds hack screenshot


What You Must Know Before Playing Soul Hunters – General Overview, How to Use The Coins and Diamonds Generator


There are multiple key features of Soul Hunters that you should definitely be aware of before playing. Here is our attempt to summarize the whole game in a couple of sentences:

  • Numerous Heroes That You Can Own!There are 80 (and counting) heroes that you can own in Soul Hunters, each with unique sets of abilities. Because of this you can play different styles when you get bored of your current party.
  • Real-Time CombatOne of the main aspects of the game. While we really like the real-time combat (some might say it’s just nostalgia) we do realize not everyone likes it. This is why we decided to write this here. It’s important because some people just can’t enjoy this type of combat – and that’s fine!
  • PvP and PvE ModesPlay either the Arena or the campaign mode and it’s various challenges! This is a mechanic you don’t see often in games on smartphones and we really liked the freedom we experienced.
  • Unique AbilitiesWe already told you there are over 80 heroes. Now keep in mind that each hero has it’s own unique and upgradeable abilities! This makes each party you make unique and different than any other.


So we finally came to the fun part! Our generator will help you acquire the much needed Coins and Diamonds. Free of charge of course – no survey! No likes or shares either, but feel free to like and share after you hack so your friends can do it too.

We won’t go into too much details about the hack since the generator itself has built-in guide on how to use it.

Before ending the article there is one thing we have to stress!


Please Don’t Abuse and Spam Out Coins and Diamonds Generator!


Spamming the generator can lead to many bad things and not a single good one. First of all the servers may break if many people at once try spamming the generator. Leading to the loss of resources that are being generated at the moment.

Since many other players are using our Soul Hunter hack we ask of you to have some understanding. Hacking is completely free of charge and the only thing you need to do is not to spam the generator!
A fair trade if you ask us, and we hope you will fulfill your end of it. Until next time, yours truly, GameBag staff!


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