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Sonic Dash Hack Cheats Unlimited Coins Version

Play the New Sonic Dash iphone and Ipad games using our sonic dash hack for unlimited coins and Jump Hack with more cheats added everyday, Our sonic dash hack works for jailbroken and non-jailbroken Devices. You can check our video below on how this sonic dash hack is working

sonic dash hack

sonic dash hack


 Complete features for Sonic dash Hack :

  • Unlimited Coins Hack
  • Sonic Dash Jump Hack
  • Unlock All Characters Hack
  • Sonic Dash Speed Hack
  • and More new features will be added



Working As Of :


Here are some game review of sonic dash

A Sonic game the mobile generation can be proud to call their own.

For someone who seems to speed his way through life at a breakneck pace, Sonic the Hedgehog really knows how to get stuck in a rut. SEGA’s flagship franchise has suffered a series of missteps since 2003’s Sonic Heroes, with the only few bright spots in the last decade being old school 2D releases like Sonic Rush and Sonic the Hedgehog 4. And for me, the frustrations go even further back. I couldn’t even get into the Sonic Adventure series (sacrilege, I know). In my experience, everything post-1993 has been something of a letdown.
At least it was until today. Mark March 7, 2019 on your calendars, boys and girls; today is the first time in 20 years that SEGA has put out a Sonic game that you absolutely have to play.

While you’ll be quick to judge Sonic Dash as a Temple Run clone (and rightly so), I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time that a Sonic game felt so fast and so right. Players will control the speedy blue hedgehog as he darts back and forth between one of three lanes that you pick for him. As he runs, you’ll need to swipe up, left, down and right to dodge obstacles. Swiping down will also curl Sonic up into a ball so that he can attack opponents, just as he’s always done with a little move SEGA calls the ‘spin attack.’
Elements like this are what make Sonic Dash such a perfect blending of new formula and old franchise. The pick-up-and-play controls will feel intuitive for anyone that’s ever played a Temple Run-style game before, but the game feels like Sonic. Spin attacks, ring collection, loop-de-loops – it’s all here, and it’s all very, very Sonic.
But there’s one thing above all else that defines the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise: speed. If it doesn’t feel fast, it’s not going to feel right. Thankfully, Sonic Dash is exactly what you’d want from a Sonic the Hedgehog release. If anything, the crazy pacing after you’ve survived a few minutes might just make this the fastest Sonic game get. Blast processing, eat your heart out.
Ring collecting in Sonic games has always served two purposes; it provides players with a bit of protection should they take one hit of damage from an enemy, and collecting enough nets you an extra life. But Sonic Dash is an endless runner, so lives don’t mean anything here. Instead you’ll be given a choice of three random paths to take, one of which lets you bank all of the coins you’ve earned so far. While it might make you a little more vulnerable, it also gives you the currency you need to purchase upgrades between rounds. See more reviews in http://www.gamezebo.com/games/sonic-dash/review


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