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Son Korsan Hack – Free Coins and Diamonds Generator! Version

Travel the Seas and Conquer your enemies in Son Korsan, a pirateship game!

Avast, me hearties! Yer going to get all the booty in the seven seas with our Son Korsan Hack! Cringey pirate talk aside, we will go over Son Korsan game. It’s an 3D MMO pirateship and war game. In in you will fight for tresute, booty and glory with your alliance against the common enemies. So set sail on an adventure where you conquer new islands and rule the great seas! However, more on the game itself later on in the overview.

Furthermore we will show you the hack itself. We will place it below the Overview part of the article. It will contain all the basic information about the hack. Its benefits for you, as much as a guide for those who don’t know how to use it. While we do realize most of you already know how to use the hack, we have to appeal to the newcomers as well. Speaking of newcomers we would like to ask you all not to spam our Son Korsan Generator. Furthermore we will explain how exactly you can make everyone have a hard time by spamming the hack.

After we’ve gone over these two topics we will bring this post to a conclusion. We will do so with the Introduction here as well, since we already mentioned all the important parts of the article.

Without further ado let’s see what Son Korsan has to offer you!



Son Korsan Overview – What Can You Expect? General Overview of the Game and Its Mechanics

Before we go any further we’d like to say that Son Korsan can be played on iOS, Android as well as Facebook. Which means that it can be played on PC, some effort are being made to bring it to steam in full 3D currently. Hopefully that happens soon since the Beta looks rather nice.

If you mean to play Son Korsan you have to get ready for a naval war and a pirateship experience like no other, in short it’s a MMO pirateship game.

At first you will gain control over a small ship. You’ll get a chance to enhance your ship, level up and get strong enough to send your enemies to the Davy Jones’ Locker. Upgrading your naval vessel means you need to equip your ship with advanced cannons, elite cannonballs, qualified crew, skilled pirates and many more special items which can help you along the way. All of the can be bough with Coins and Diamonds and our Son Korsan Hack will help you acquire both!

You don’t have to be a lone swashbuckling pirate since the sea is a host to many other fierce sea raiders. Meaning you will be able to form alliances and join guild in order to defeat a common enemy! Surely a fine addition of social features to any game.

Do daily missions, to gain more exp and speed up your game progress. Attend the special events such as Olympiad, Soccer, Conquest, War or Scorpion. You can attend the Death Match mode if you feel confident enough or the Galley mode to show off with your magnificent creation. There’s 5 vs 5 PvP combat to hone your teamwork skills. Also, don’t forget to choose a frightening ship design to show the landlubbers that you mean bussines!

Onto the hack shall we?


Son Korsan Hack – How Do You Acquire Free Coins and Diamonds With our Generator?

Keep in mind that there are items that you can use in battle. You have salt peter, which makes your cannon inflict 25% more damage to the enemy ship. Shield boosts your defense stats in battle by 15%. A Lamp enhancement will give you 25% more experience from all battles. Take note though, that these items are limited – which means eventually they will run out uf you use them. This means that in order to be in your best shape you will have to spend resources.

These resources include, but are not limited to Coins and Diamonds. These aren’t the only ones you can get buy we found them to be most important. Hence we created the hack for Son Korsan. With it you’ll acquire as much Coins and Diamonds as you want. Other pirates will tremble before your ships and menacing crews. In the end that’s what being a pirate is all about respect through fear!

Now in order to use our hack you will need to do the following:

  1. First of all you need to scroll down and find a redOnline Hack button.
  2. You need to press the button and go to the redirected page.
  3. When you press the button you will arrive at the Connection Stage, from there you need to establish a secured connection to one of our servers. Press the “Connect” button and let the process finish itself
  4. Once a secure connection has been established, click “Proceed” and then you have finally reached the Gold and Diamonds generator! From there on follow the built-in instructions, and be sure to follow them thoroughly. Otherwise you won’t get the desired results!


Son Korsan hack required correct information in order to know where to send the selected resources.

The final results of using our Son Korsan hack will look similar to this.


Please Don’t Spam Our Son Korsan Hack!

As with every generator that we make, it’s placed on a server. Many generators are established on that same server. Now imagine every one of our users spamming the hack… That can (and will) lead to many problems. The problems are technical in nature and can be avoided by simply not spamming and abusing the servers in any way.

These problems won’t help anyone – we lose your trust, you lose your resources – nobody wins!
This is why we have to ask you once again not to flood our servers with requests! You can do this by not spamming the generate button. This is the only this that we ask of you, so please take that into consideration if your intention is to click th generate button a thousand times in a minute.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and we hope that you will hack rationally!

See you next time cap’n, we wish you smooth sailing and even smoother hacking!


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