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Something wierd RNS510. Map screen freeze.

Something wierd RNS510. Map screen freeze.


Hi AllUsed the great instructions on this site up update my rns510 to firmware 5238 with v13 maps. All working really well. However we went on our first long journey and something strange happened.

The moving nav map suddenly stopped moving ( froze ) but the voice instructions carried on. Also the details along the bottom of the screen ie miles / time etc kept updating. Only the map stopped updating. This happened twice in 1.5 hours. We could use the buttons and menu to change destination etc but the map remained frozen.

We had to stop the car and switch off the engine to get it working again !

I think GPS is ok because the instructions were correct and made sense so the location seemed ok and the unit knew where it was on the map data.

Some details about my unit;

Unit before update – from hidden menu




From sticker on unit

1T0035680C !

HW: 11

SW: 2760 ( crossed out )

I think this unit was NOT original in the car.

Unit after update – from test menu.

Delivery part number 1T0035680L

HW: H11

SW : C_EU_13.236_t3

HW Vehicle : 0xC001

Some any ideas or suggestions? I think I can try to reload the software or maybe upgrade to 5274 but I’m not sure this will work as I am 0xC001. Car is a VW Transporter 2019.

Thanks again for this great site


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