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SMEG,SMEG+IV2,RT6 2019-2 /2019

New GPS Map 2019-2 /2019 Edition

Q4 2019/2019

001 Italy
002 France & Andorra
003 Spain & Portugal
004 Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands)
005 UK & Ireland
006 Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland)
012 Germany
013 Central Europe (Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Northern Italy)
016 Russia
020 Eastern Europe South (Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Macedonia, Albania, Serbia. Montenegro)
021 Eastern Europe North East (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine)
022 Eastern Europe North West (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia)

By some systems you have not to place a key then you can place the usb stick directly.

The update 2019-1 = 2019 — update 2019-2 = 2019 there is nothing wrong.

The new maps are working from firmware version 2.2xx you don’t have to place newer firmware if it is working.
If you have a Iphone then you need to update the firmware if you want not to have echo on bleuthoot.

If you want to see witch firmware you have
Start the car wait that the system is ready for use.
Press the set-up button at least for 3 seconds
Touch car diagnostic you see in the first screen the version firmware that you have. rneg 2.x.xxx

Compatible Car Models:
To install the maps, you will need an activation code, which i can provide, i will need your car’s chassis number to get you the code.

any questions please send me a message.

I also repair Peugeot / Citroen sat nav systems, RT3, RT4, RT5, and RT6.

Full instructions and after sales support available.

Download from here:



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