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Siege Titan Wars Hack – Learn How To Get Free Gold and Gems! Version

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Today we bring you something different. Siege Titan Wars hack will help you become the master of battles and slay any who oppose you. But before we get right into hacking we’d like to talk about the game itself first.

First of all Siege Titan Wars is a mobile Clash Royale-like game. It has dozens of fun features and many different units, spell cards, titans etc. If you played similar games before you’ll very quickly get a hang of this game.

Siege Titan Wars is one of the latest and most successful games of it’s kind. It brings the aspect of card battling in it making it twice as fun. Watching hundreds of units battle for domination on the screen of your device can be satisfying to watch.

You’ll be tempted to stick around this game for a while, probably just like we did. The reason behind this is that the game mixes several different but familiar elements. This combination makes it really easy to get hooked onto the game.

All in all Siege Titan Wars is a very well-rounded smartphone game that is great for killing time. You can play it on both iOS and Android devices. However is it doing it’s job good enough to separate from the rest of the Clash clones?

Find out in the upcoming parts of the article. We can tell you straight away that we enjoyed it, but the decision is yours in the end. If you are already familiar with the game, we suggest you skip the next part.

So let’s get straight to reviewing the game and it’s core elements!


Siege Titan Wars – General Information, Should You Hack It and How?

As we’ve already stated, if you played Clash Royale, Siege Titan Wars is going to be quite familiar to you.

Each battle lasts for four minutes. At the start of each battle you’re given a certain amount of mana, usually 5. Mana recharges once every second and you need it to successfully create troops and defeat the opponent. Aside from being necessary for troop creation, mana is also used for casting spells and creating Titans.

As opposed to it’s rival games Titan Wars uses just one lane. The lane is quite long and all of this makes the game unique in it’s own way. First of wall the battle will be much harder to follow and predict. Just like real battles you cannot control every single thing on the battleground. But with enough right moves battle will start moving towards your victory.

Battles are usually frantic to the point that it makes them epic. All of this adds a cool new touch to this game’s genre.

There are quite a few cards that you can start out with. You can choose from basic Soldiers and Archers to specialized units like Werewolves or Sorcerers. Each unit has it’s place and purpose on the battlefield. But also keep in mind that each unit costs a different amount of mana.

Specialized and more powerful units naturally cost more than the ordinary ones.

Although you cannot directly control your units you can use other means of crowd control.
Spells are the most efficient way to control your enemy. Using Tidal Wave and Gravity Well, then bombing the enemy with Fireball or Arrow Storm are just some examples. This can quickly turn the battle in your favor, so use spells wisely!


Things You Should Know Before Playing Siege Titan Wars – Basic Strategies, Tips and Cheats

Since your mission is to establish enough troops to defeat the enemy the key is to know what to unleash and when to unleash it.

The order in which you lay out your troops matters a lot in Siege Titan Wars. The key thing here is to maintain the balance or your troops! One energy point might give you some basic troops that on the first look are quite strong. However there are scenarios where you’ll have to train special troops to emerge victorious.

It all comes down to risk and reward. Sometimes it’s better to overwhelm your opponent with hundreds of basic troops. While on the other occasions it will be much smarter to balance out your troops.

There’s much to do outside of combat as well. You can unlock chests which give you new cards. This aspect of building your deck really helps the game stay fresh. Every new card can be made into an entire new strategy.

However there is a lot of waiting involved when you’re opening the chests. To open chests instantly you will need Gems! Since the GameBag staff hates waiting so much we made a generator for Gems. Not only gems but you can hack Gold with out generator as well.

This is all completely free and if you wish to check it out you must scroll all the way down and find a red ‘Online Hack’ button.

However it’s up to you if you’ll hack the game or if you’ll be satisfied with the freebies you get.

We won’t be placing a guide for using our generator here since it’s already written in the generator itself. However there is one thing we have to do before we finish this article.


connection platforms for siege titan wars

screenshot of siege titan wars online free gems hack


Please Do Not Spam Our Gold and Gems Generator!

Since there is no fee for using our generator we think it’s only fair that you return the favor. You can do so by constraining from spamming and abusing our generator. Keep in mind that many players use our generators.

Our servers however sometimes aren’t capable of processing all the requests at once. If this happens we ask you to be patient and try again in a couple of minutes. In an unlikely event that it happens yet again, wait for five more minutes and try again. Nine times out of ten this fixes the problem!

By not spamming and abusing our generators you are helping us as well as yourself. Since we will be able to make more generators if the ones we already made get enough attention.

So that would be all for this article, we wish you to conquer your enemies and win many battles in Siege Titan Wars!

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