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Roblox Ultimate Guide – Tips & Tricks Version

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We are bringing you a complete guide on Roblox, everything from minor tips to advanced scripting, we know it all. This is going to be a guide that can prove useful to both beginners and experts alike.

Many of you are probably familiar with this game, you probably read some of our formerly posted articles about it. Be that as it may, we still suggest you stick around since the information here might help you out. We thought of the parents too, since you might be a parent of the kid who plays the game. We know how hard it can be to keep up with the kids. For this reason we dedicated a small portion of this article to all you confused parents.

Now you will know exactly what your kid is doing, how he/she is doing it and what can you expect. We will start from the ‘bottom’, the basics of the game and it’s mechanics. Then we’ll move on to the ‘parents section’, after which we will go into more complicated matter. If you’re an experienced player you’ll want to skip the first few parts and go straight for the advanced stuff. Meaning you will learn how to significantly improve your skills as well as get some free Robux.

However if you’re a new player, we suggest you read all of the article. Since most of this information is very important but you won’t learn it in game. Even the players that are familiar with these tricks, usually won’t tell you about them.

Without further ado let’s dive right into it!


What Exactly is Roblox? – Overall Game Review and Opinions

Roblox, as you probably know already, isn’t exactly a game itself. It’s more of a game engine that allows it’s players to create different game mods within it. There really is no ‘main quest’ or ‘mission’ in Roblox since it depends solely on the creations of the community.

For this reason, community is one of the biggest assets Roblox has. Since it’s a multiplayer game that depends on the creations of it’s users, you can be sure that you will never be playing alone. The only part you will play alone is the one where you create your own mods. But that is a story we will save for later.

Roblox helps you empower your imagination through a platform for user-generated content. When you login you are given your piece of ‘real estate’ along with a toolbox. These two are needed to create your own game mods and earn some useful stuff.

Robux is a game currency that is mostly purchased with real money. It is used to motivate and reward hard-working mod creators. After players play through your mod, if it was exciting and fun enough, they will most likely reward you with Robux. It might not always be the currency, but you will always gain something from creating a good game mode.

Naturally, this is the way a user-generated game platform works. Since without it’s users, it would die off very quickly. But we don’t see this happening anytime soon!



Roblox Basic Guide – All You Need to Know When Starting Roblox

Since this is a game that has a thriving community, you need to learn to communicate with your fellow players. Socializing and communicating is a key aspects of Roblox. This game is not meant to be played alone, and this only makes it more fun. First thing you need to learn is how to chat with

other people in Roblox world. To chat you simply press the ”/” button to open the chat bar. Type out whatever you wish (Don’t use foul language please!) and then press ‘Enter‘. All of this is much easier if you use ‘Fullscreen‘ mode since you can easily see the whole chat bar.

Moving around is very intuitive and we skipped this part of the guide. However there are some actions related to moving around and doing animations that we will cover.

Teleportation is a term given to the act of moving multiple Parts at once. Most of the time it means teleporting a player’s character to a certain location. To properly teleport a player you will need exact coordinates and CFrame. Here’s an example of how a proper teleportation should look like:


game.Workspace.Player.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = CFrame.new(Vector3.new(0, 50, 0))


There is a difference between a teleportation (CFrame) and a ‘MoveTo’ command. MoveTo command only changes the positions of the Parts in the selected Model.

After you learned how to teleport a single player you should move onto group teleports. When teleporting all players you should be careful and offset the target positions so their torsos don’t overlap.


Use the following command for it:


target = CFrame.new(0, 50, 0) –could be near a brick or in a new area

for i, player in ipairs(game.Players:GetChildren()) do

–Make sure the character exists and its HumanoidRootPart exists

if player.Character and player.Character:FindFirstChild(“HumanoidRootPart”) then

–add an offset of 5 for each character

player.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = target + Vector3.new(0, i * 5, 0)




roblox guy with question marks


Roblox Parent’s Questions – What You Should Know About Roblox, Robux and Free Robux Hack

There are many parents that are confused about the new Roblox game. Kids adapt easy to new things, and we simply can’t keep up with them.

Because of this we wanted to make it simple for you by explaining the basics. Roblox will help power your child’s imagination and socialize on the internet. While this might sound scary to you, the community is pretty well moderated. Meaning the game’s administrators take good care of the chat and the community overall. Foul language, scams and other terms of violation are not only frowned upon by other players, but restricted by game’s rules.

Your child is relatively safe in the community, but certain ‘undesirable’ situations are likely to occur if your child plays intensively. However, if you want you can enable parental controls and restrict some of the available social options for your child. Do this only if you think it’s necessary since it can affect the child’s game experience quite a lot.

Since Roblox is a part of Family Online Safety Institute, you can be assured that your child will be safe while playing. While being very educational and helpful for the overall development of a child, Roblox if free as well! However, you can purchase Robux that can be used for in-game upgrades and accessories for

your avatar. There is also the optional ‘Builders Club’ Membership, which is a subscription that provides extra privileges. You get access to premium items this way, better avatar customization, no advertisements, and multiple locations to build on.


Roblox Advanced Guide – Tips, Tricks, Tools


You are probably already familiar with the Points system in this game. Points are an award system in Roblox that showcase your achievements and participation. Each game has it’s own leaderboard that shows the best players. Every game has unlimited amount of points that can be distributed among different players. Game’s developer has full freedom in choosing how the points are given. Points are awarded through the AwardPoints command. It will work only in a server script. There are different parameters:

• int userld – The userld of the player to award points to

• int amount – Amount of of points you award to the player

• tuple – This function returns the userld the points are awarded to, the new point total the user has in the game, and the total number of points the user now has

Tools are another big part of Roblox. They can have as many parts as you like. Only one part should be called Handle since this is the part that will be attached to your hand. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you out when building tools:

• Make sure all of the parts are not anchored when you are finished building. If any part is anchored the tool won’t be able to move and the character will be stuck when picking it up.

• Only name one part Handle. If you have multiple parts named that way, the tool will pick only one for point where the character holds the tool.

• Do not use Surface Welds when building a tool. Tools built with them will fall apart after they are picked up. Instead, change the join behavior to Always and make sure the surfaces of all of your parts is Smooth or SmoothNoOutlines.


Easy Way to Get Robux – No Survey, Instant Results

The last but not least is the Robux tip that we need to tell you about. It isn’t much of a tip really, it’s more a hack tool that helps you earn money in-game It is completely safe as there is no way the game can differentiate between bought and hacked currency. We already created a special article dedicated to this, you can find it on our website.

With this we’d like to finish this article in hopes you learned something today. If you’re a player we wish you luck in your future adventures. As for the parents, we at GameBag.org hope that we explained and shed light on what Roblox and it’s community really are.


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