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Roblox Game Mode Reviews – Phantom Forces Version

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Since Roblox game mode reviews are on fire these days we are going to continue making them. Of course we won’t neglect our part of the audience that doesn’t play Roblox. We will we working on reviewing other games as well, but this is our main focus right now.
Today we’ll be bringing you a review of Phantom Forces. This is a Roblox game mode that has been in Beta for quite some time. Meaning it’s very well polished and mostly bug free.
During the Beta there was an entrance fee but it’s gone now luckily. The fee was 75 Robux.
We are reviewing Phantom Forces because most of you pointed out that HEX, was too much pay-to-win. This game is different, the pay-to-win aspect is still there, however it’s much less noticable.

The game is a mix of Counter Strike, Call of Duty and Battlefield, all integrated into Roblox game engine. This might sound fun to you, and we can assure you that it is! Phantom Forces combines all of these games elements and places it in a cute Roblox environment. Of course you shouldn’t be expecting too much from this game mode, as it still is an Roblox game. But still the details and gameplay might give you a pleasant surprise.

We’ve spent quite some time playing this and we can tell you that you won’t find a much better FPS mode for Roblox. The pay-to-win aspect was reduced to minimum and the variations of playstyles are enough to keep you hooked. So without further ado let’s get straight into it!

Phantom Forces – Introduction and First Impressions

A fact that Phantom Forces were developed by a team of college students was amazing for us. We always try to support young developers by reviewing their games. This one was particularly interesting to us since it’s a top quality FPS. Seriously we can only imagine the amount of work put into it. They call themselves Stylis Studios.

When starting the game, you will be presented with a familiar weapon loadout menu if you’re a Counter Strike player. It the beginning you are allowed to have an M4 Carbine Rifle since it’s the only ‘free’ weapon available. Aside from that you use M9 pistol and a knife as side arms.

This will all seem familiar if you have every played Counter Strike, since it’s the weapon loadout most players use.

The game itself encourages teamwork in order to complete the objective of the map and beat the opposing team. The team with the most kills wins at the end of the match. Each match is placed under a timer, and when the time runs out the team with the most kills wins.

The map changes after each match to keep things interesting. Very similar to Counter Strike match setup in general, and it seems to us like it was a big inspiration.

Each server can store up to 32 players online. The community is growing every day since the updates for the game are released constantly. The chat function is cool since it allows you to communicate with your team.

Also the leaderboards are present in this game, it can show you your teams stats. And in opposition to HEX you won’t need to pay hundreds of dollars to reach the top list. This encourages players to improve their teamwork. Rather than reaching for their credit card and spending money.



Phantom Forces – Things You Should Know Before Playing

The game itself isn’t huge, so loading screens are quite short even if you don’t have a high-end PC. You won’t need a high-speed internet connection either to load the game. Although the game can be laggy if Roblox automatically puts you on a bad server. We suggest you pick the servers you play on yourself to avoid this. Overall the game is excellent when it comes to performance.

The game is very popular so you won’t have to worry about playing alone. Around 3000 to 5000 people play everyday. The game is usually placed on the ‘Popular List’ when searching for FPS games on Roblox.

The graphics are classic Roblox graphics and are focused on gun details. The guns look beautiful even if the are ‘blocky’. Animations are pretty basic, besides jumping there isn’t many of them.

Although you don’t necessarily have to pay to play the game you will have to acquire CR. CR or Credits allow you to buy guns and attachments for them. And you have to buy these if you want to level up.

The game allows you to choose and buy your gun. You can from there customize it however you wish by purchasing and adding attachments. There are four classes of guns: Assault, Engineer, Support and Recon. Each of these classes are good for different scenarios, be it close or ranged combat etc. There are four different types of attachments as well, but most people pick lasers and scopes. Each attachment will improve your gun a bit, meaning they aren’t just for show.

Summary and Final Verdict – Are Phantom Forces Worth Playing?

We definitely recommend that you try Phantom Forces if you liked HEX. Since the pay-to-win aspect is mostly unseen this gives each player a fair chance. We like this because we think children shouldn’t be taught that money solves everything.

You can buy Credits with Robux of course, but you can earn them by playing as well. Should you choose to spend your Robux that’s completely fine. If you’re younger we suggest you ask your parents permission. If you don’t feel like spending cash on Credits, you can always try out our Robux generator with no survey.

There are valuable lessons you can learn from Phantom Forces, like teamwork and communication with your peers. Overall the game is a great way to have fun and a few laughs while doing it. The way characters die was hilarious for us!

Phantom Forces is a game we definitely recommend to all you FPS players out there!

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