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Roblox Game Mode Reviews – Apocalypse Rising Version


You probably expected another FPS game mode, but this time we bring you Apocalypse Rising, a survival Roblox game!
We though it would be enough to review two FPS modes at one time before going further. We focused on different game modes because there are different types of players following us. We don’t want to neglect any part of our loyal audience.

Therefore we started playing a little bit of Apocalypse Rising, and we really started to like it after a while. It reminded us of DayZ, the sandbox aspect of it was really refreshing to see in Roblox. There was a little bit of framerate issues but it wasn’t that bad, let alone game breaking.

Apocalypse Rising is an open world survival game with zombies. Zombies however aren’t the only thing that can harm you in this game mode. There are planety of other dangers that lurk and wait for you to make a wrong move.

In this game mode you can team up with other players, build your bases, acquire and repair vehicles. Eliminating the infected zombies is one of the many things you will have to do in order keep yourself alive. Also, there are hostile survivors that can also prove to be quite dangerous. Since there are hostile survivors this brings in the PvP aspect in the game. This makes the game dynamic.

Without going into too much detail, we will just say that you just got to be on alert at all times!

All in all we really enjoyed trying out this game mode for you guys. It was all a lot of harmless fun, and at times we got really immersed in the survival aspect.
When you set aside the funny-looking ‘blocky’ characters you can really feel the tension building up while playing.


Apocalypse Rising – Introduction and First Impressions

The focal point of this game is survival in the harsh world that it puts you in. You have to be very resourceful to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies and hostile survivors. If you think you got what it takes then we suggest you give it a try. Who knows maybe this ends up being your favorite Roblox game of all time? Can’t know until you try!

If you decide to give Apocalypse Rising a try the community will welcome you with open hands. The game itself will place you into the lobby when you start it. Here you can choose the server and the map you wish to play on. Currently there is only one server for the hardcore game mode.

We suggest you avoid this mode anyway if you’re a newcomer. For other maps, however, there are quite a number of servers. Reborn, Amend and Reimagined are only some of the most popular maps in Apocalypse Rising.

We suggest you pick a lower populated server when starting the game. This way you have less chance of being killed by a hostile survivor.

One of the most beautiful things about this mod is surely the music. You all probably noticed we pay much attention to music in games by now. Apocalypse Rising has a really beautiful lobby and ambient sound as well. The lobby music is kind of ‘inspiring’, sounds like something you would hear at the end of a superhero movie. Makes you really want to survive in the world and conquer all the dangers you face.

However music is only one part of the excitement that this game mode offers. Being a survival game Apocalypse Rising has a really entertaining gameplay as well.



Apocalypse Rising – Gameplay, Mechanics and More

Like in many other survival games, you want to explore as much as you can. Exploration is the key to surviving, as you won’t find anything useful standing around. Moving from settlement to settlement is vital for you, since you will always find something along the way. Look for canned food, drinks, weapons and ammo, and pick up what you need!

You can actually die of hunger and/or thirst in Apocalypse Rising so food and drinks are a must-have. Don’t pick too much though since you have a very limited inventory. Wait until you find a backpack and build a base. Even then, however, you will see that inventory management is vital for your survival. You will sometimes have to throw something out, to make space for more important items.

When it comes to weapons you will have a pretty nice choice there. Many varieties of weapons, ranged or melee will be available for you to find.
You can equip only 2 guns, but you can equip many more melee weapons.

Don’t worry about being defenseless at the beginning, game provides you with a starting gun and some bullets. You can have a fair chance in fighting this way, until you find some real weaponry.

Unless you play on Hardcore mode, most of the resources, guns and ammo will be fairly easy to find.

There are other items besides just food, guns and ammo. You will occasionally come across some other useful items along the way. Some of them are torches, watches, maps, glow sticks, each good and useful in their own way.

You may also find car parts here and there. Don’t get confused, store these for later. Use these parts to repair your vehicle and ensure a fast and safe traveling across Apocalypse Rising.

Apocalypse Rising – Robux, Tips, Summary

Just like every other Roblox game, there will be a point in game where you will be able to spend Robux. They can help you out push through the game easier. If you find it hard to survive in the game, you can decide and spend some Robux on Spawn Packs.

Be sure to ask your parents permission, if you’re underage, as these things aren’t cheap! You can also give our Robux online hack a try, it’s a free and fast way to get Robux. It’s up to you whether you will support the Robux developers in the end. We also understand that some people just cannot afford to spend real money on a game.

If you don’t want to spend any Robux, hacked or paid, here’s a tip you might find helpful. Most of the players will try and kill you once they spot you, be sure to be the first one to engage. Pull that trigger first and ask questions later! If that isn’t an option, hide and avoid conflict if you can. If you can’t do that either then just make a run for it!

You can either play solo or with a team of your friends, or even random people you met online. The more people in your team, the more stuff you can hoard and the chances of your survival will increase.

All in all Apocalypse Rising is a surprisingly fun survival game mode that we recommend you try out!

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