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Roblox – Best RPG Game and Roblox Hack for Free Robux Version

discover hexaria in this roblox rpg mod review

Since our last Roblox article got so much attention we decided to make another one. This time we will be going through the best RPG game we found on Roblox. As well as our opinions about the game and moderators working on Roblox in general.Since we will be covering two of these, we figured it would be the best to start out with the RPG itself.

There aren’t many good
RPG games that we came across while playing, this one certainly takes the cake. We know that Roblox wasn’t meant to be played by people older than 18 years. But we had to step in to bring you the best info about it. There isn’t a way we can bring you the best tips, trick and hacks for free Robux without testing it out ourselves. Besides the game’s rule don’t state anywhere that you HAVE TO be under 18 to play.

We had difficulties putting ourselves back into our 10 year old mind, but we had to try for the sake of our loyal users. You know what they say, there is a child in all of us after all, and soon enough, that child started enjoying Roblox!
The game we will be talking about is called
Hexaria and it is one of the most hyped games to ever be in development on Roblox. The whole community is anticipating the release date and we can tell you at the start – they have a good reason to.

This game baffles our minds really, the amount of detail in it is amazing, the playstyle and the idea itself is excellent. And it’s even still in development!
Without more chitchat let’s get straight into Roblox Hexaria!


Roblox Hexaria – Introduction and Overall Impressions

We at GameBag always like innovative and creative developers, we admire them and help them by reviewing their games.
After getting our hands on some of the pre-released demo gameplay we learned to love Hexaria. It’s awesome and you should definitely give it a try. These words accurately describe the game, but the amount of detail it has won’t allow us to end it here. It has many awesome features and content that we just have to tell you about.

It uses strategic cards, unique design, beautiful maps and fun with your friends to create an epic immersive experience. Hexaria is made by Biostream, MisterObvious and Crykee who want to create the ultimate MMORPG Trading Card Game.

The heart of Hexaria is in it’s cards. Even if it’s still under development, most of the cards are already finished and you can check them out today. The cards look great, they are easy to understand and to use as well. The cards that you can use in your build are determined by the class you choose. There are four classes in total, Rogue, Wizard, Pirate and Ranger, each class has different starting cards.

Ranger uses long-range weaponry as you might guess, Pirate uses traps, Wizard uses spells and Rogue uses poisons and buffs. Once you choose which class and cards suit you best, you can start the adventure!
We tested the Wizard and Rogue class, and found them very likeable. Wizard uses strong spells to damage multiple enemies at once. While Rogue stacks poison debuffs and deals huge spikes of damage when fighting.

Even if the Hexaria revolves around cards it’s not your traditional TCG since it puts you right in action.



Hexaria – Game Review and Mechanics

You are placed into control of an avatar. The point of the game is to defeat enemies avatar with your avatar. You move around hex-tiled gameboard laying traps, powering up, and attacking with your cards. However, cards cost energy points and you can only place so many of them. If you want to play a stronger card, you will have to pass a round. These stronger cards are devastating but require you to take a few hits usually.

This power build up is the only slow thing about the game’s gameplay. And we think it could be improved a bit, by gathering a bit energy every turn. Be that as it may, the game works as it does and it’s still very fun!

You can battle with your rivals, friends and foes but there is quite a lot of other stuff to do. While duels in Hexaria might be fun for a while you will get bored of it. The good news is that the game is filled with adventure.
There are three MMORPG maps that let you and your party battle with enemies, level up and get new cards. While Roblox is mainly a game for kids, these maps aren’t to be considered a ‘child’s play’! In fact they get quite difficult as you progress, and that alone gives you a reason to push onward.

The world of Hexaria is beautiful. Even if it’s consisted mostly of square shapes it has it’s own charm. Dynamic lightning, utilizing particles and excellently constructed models make the world seem very alive. So while you might be getting crushed by a troll at least you will look at something pretty!

We could go on and on about Hexaria, but really the best thing would be for you to try it out yourself!


Rewarding the Dedicated Moderators of Hexaria

Most of you Roblox players are lacking Robux, we couldn’t avoid noticing that. Everyone wants them and there just isn’t enough for everyone. Well we’re happy to tell you that there in fact is a way to get Roblox hack for free Robux.

We made an article that you can read here, on our website.
Since Hexaria takes so much time to be built we think it’s only fair to reward developers with a few Robux. We urge that you should do the same since these things just don’t fall off the sky. And now that you have found the easy way, you can get Robux for free. This makes it easier than ever to reward your hard-working game mode creators with a few free Robux.
We suggest you do this, since the game can’t differentiate between the legit Robux and our hacked ones.
By doing this you will encourage more people to create quality content for the game. It’s a win-win situation for everybody really.

With this we are ending this article, if we see you’re still interested in it, we will do more as always.

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