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Redshift Hack! Get Unlimited Credits! Version

Take command of a Federation’s fleet defending against the evil Galactic Union

Redshift is a space battle simulator available for iOS, Android and Facebook platforms. Everyone who played it knows how important credits are in this game. Although it features some other resources also, if you have enough credits, you have it all! And that is why we decided to provide you with hack for unlimited credits! Hack it as much as you want, and you will have enough of everything in Redshift.

Certainly, there are some of you who still don’t know anything about this game. For that reason, we decided to provide you with an in-depth review of the game and it’s mechanics. We hope, after reading it, you will be interested enough to try out Redshift and our hack together with it.



What’s Redshift all about

You are star fleet commander defending the Federation and your target is evil Galactic Union whose fleet you need to destroy in order to win the game. As you start your game for the first time, you will be prompted to do a quick tutorial. Do it if you want to get an overall overview of some basic game mechanics. Also, you can choose to skip it if you feel confident enough.

Soon enough you will feel the importance of credits, as it is impossible to progress in the game without it. And that is why our Redshift hack will make your life easier.

The game is split into levels called sectors and you choose to attack them, one by one, at your free will. Between each battle you have a quiet time which you should use to upgrade your fleet and prepare for the next battle. Your fleet will float quietly in space, giving you some time to develop your strategy. Around you, nothing but nothingness. Enchanting melancholic soundtrack adds additional level of depth to the feeling of loneliness in a deep, vast space.

But don’t be fooled, threat is always just around the corner, and you must learn to command your fleet in order to stand victorious in the end.

After you chose which sector to attack, you have to positions your fleet on a set of predefined highlighted locations. But be wary, although your strategic positioning may seem victorious at some point, battle can be quickly overturned when new enemies appear from all sides. You can find yourself surrounded completely in a blink of an eye. So be sure to watch your back.


Commanding the Fleet

Once deployed, your fleet will attack automatically, but you will still be able to move them around. That way, you can choose the best positioning in regard to flow of the battle. As you guessed, you need credits to upgrade the fleet.

Each ship in the fleet has an active ability. You can use it from the bar on the bottom of the screen. For example, one of your ships will have an ability to fire a barrage of missiles at your enemy’s

fleet. Again, to upgrade your ships and their abilities, you need credits.

The more ships you have, the stronger your fleet. So to begin with, you need to purchase some ships from the armory. You can improve individual ships and enhance their battle abilities in one of the fleet bays. Ship’s level will determine how well it performs in combat. Plating (playing the classical part of armor), DPS and Speed are common characteristics of every ship.

Interceptors are special type of combat-ready ships able to deliver high amount of damage. It is of utmost importance to upgrade them, even more than it is the case with other ships. If you use our hack for credits, this will not be a problem at all.

In order for your fleet to grow, you need to recruit more and more crew captains who will lead them. Each one of them has passive ability which becomes stronger and stronger as they gain more XP. Once again, that is where our hack for credits comes into play. Now that you have an idea of why are credits so important, let’s see how to use Redshift hack and acquire as many of them as you need.


How to Benefit From Redshift Hack

While game features in-app shop where you can buy credits, they are not for free. You need to provide approximately $5 to $20 to get your hands on amount ranging from 500 to 2100 credits. But, you don’t want to spend your money like that for sure.

So don’t worry, we got you covered. That is where our hack tool jumps in. Our cheat will provide you with amounts in range from 750 to 5000 credits! And that’s not all – you can use it as many times as you want. Let’s see how to use it.

 Redshift Hack is quite simple to use if you follow the mentioned steps

The final results of using our Redshift hack will look like this


Using the Cheat

To get the credits for Redshift, you have to follow some simple steps. First, find a red button on the bottom of this page. It says “Online Hack” on it. Click it and you will be redirected to another page where our online credit generator is.

From there on, read the instruction and click on the button “Connect”. It is necessary in order to establish a secure connection between you and one of our servers. It may take some time, but not too long.

After it’s done, a new button will appear – “Proceed”. Click it, and you will be redirected again. After you land on the new page, you will be prompted to choose the amount of credits you need, after which you just have to click on the button “Generate”, just below.

Final step is to provide your in-game account’s username and choose the platform you are playing on, so that our generator knows where to send the credits. And that’s it. Enjoy the game.


Online Hack




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