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Realm of Empires Hack for Unlimited Servants! Version


By word or by sword, the realm is yours to conquer!

Realm of Empires is a mobile strategy game for iOS and Android platforms. Your quest is to build a mighty empire and expand it by making alliances and waging wars with other players’ empires and villages. And if you played it, you know how important resource servants are in this game. We are certain you always wanted to speed up your game progress so you can catch up with other players and theirs ever-growing empires. And that is exactly where our Realm of Empires hack comes into play.

With our hack and with the help of our generator, you can transfer unlimited amounts of servants to your account. This will help you perform better in game and speed up your progress significantly. Our generator is fast and secure, it does not feature any surveys and it is absolutely free of charge.

But, before we explain how to use Realm of Empires cheat for servants, let’s suppose not everyone of you had the opportunity to play this game. So, first of all, we will explain what’s it all about and some of it’s basic mechanics, so you have a better idea of how our hack may help you perform better in this game.



Mechanics of Realm of Empires

As the game itself states in the opening scenes, you are the leader of a group of brave adventurers in search of glory. Your dream is to rule an empire one day, but you must start by establishing a basic settlement. You have to earn fame and glory after all, and this is how it starts!

Game will ask you to select one of three predefined places for your settlement. It doesn’t look like location has any effect later on, but, nevertheless, you can choose the one that pleases your eye the most.

You start with a simple farm that supplies food needed for infrastructure and military growth. It will go slowly at the beginning, but more and more food will be produced as your level increases.

Near the village is the mine where you gather silver. And silver is essential for everything you do, the most important things being upgrading buildings and training troops. Same as with food, the higher your level, the higher the amount of silver produced. Building you need for storing the silver is called treasury. Once you fill it up, production of silver stops, until you upgrade your treasury.

In the research menu you can research advanced technologies that will benefit you in many ways, like increasing production of silver. Research is critical to growing your empire.

Once your empire is strong enough, you can switch to the World Map, select one of the rebelling villages around you and wage war against it. If you have enough troops recruited, rebel villages are great for expanding your empire. But don’t be too hasty, some of these villages may also become your allies.


What Does Realm of Empires Hack Provide?

So, why do you need our hack? This game, like many others, features an in-app shop where you can purchase a certain goods. In Realm of Empires, the most important goods are purchase servants. Players use them to speed up everything that requires time, like upgrading your buildings and mining silver. You can say that servants accelerate your game progress. Also, you can use them to purchase special features like large map (25 servants), convenient silver transport (25 servants) and nobility package (100 servants).

As you can see, all you need is more servants and that is exactly what Realm of Empires hack provides. While game store offers 50 to 4500 servants, they cost real money, and the price varies from $2.99 to blasphemous $99.99. But, we are sure you don’t want to spend real money on the game. And with our hack, you wont have to.

All you need to do to get your hands on unlimited amounts of servants is to use Realm of Empires hack, and we will tell you how to do it in a few easy-to-follow steps.


Realm of Empires Hack can be opened just like it's shown in the image

These are the results of a successful Real of Empires hack attempt


Using the Cheat for Servants

Finally, we’ve come to the part where we explain how to use Realm of Empires hack for servants. We know that you have been waiting patiently for this part, and we will now reward your patience. Brace yourselves, simple steps to acquire unlimited amount of servants are coming.

Red button which you can find on the bottom of this page is a starting point. It says “Online Hack” on it. You have to click that button and wait for it to redirect you to our generator’s page.

First thing you have to do from there on is to find the button that says “Connect” and click it. This will initiate a process of establishing a fast and secure connection to one of our servers. If it fails at first, do not worry, we have multiple servers available and retry will be initiated automatically.

Once server successfully establishes a connection, it will display a success message telling you so, and new blue button will appear, saying “Proceed”. Click it and wait for redirection to another page.

Now that you landed on a new page, you are one step closer to getting unlimited amounts of servants with Realm of Empires hack. Once there, you have to choose amount of servants you need or want and click on the button “Generate”.

After you click it, a popup will appear and ask you to enter your username and specify a platform you are playing on. You have to do this so our generator can send requested resources the right way. Once you’re done, just click on the button “Continue” and you successfully hacked Realm of Empires!

And that’s it, we wish you a fruitful and enjoyable conquer!


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