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Pokemon Go – 10 New Things You Need To Know About Generation 2 Version


Last year, Pokemon go blew onto the scene and took the world by storm and we’ve now been hit by the first generation update. Let’s talk about ten new things you need to know about Pokemon go generation 2.

New Pokemon

10. New Pokemon

The 2nd generation of Pokemon has been added to Pokemon go. Quite a few of them have been discovered and carefully, none of them appear to be regionally exclusive. Now that doesn’t mean we can’t discover something that’s reaching the exclusive but if we’re looking at it right now it looks like everybody has access to every Pokemon.

Game Balance

9. Game Balance

Game balance has been changed a lot. There’s been a lot of rebalancing that has happened with the Pokemon move set. Because some moves were, let’s face it really really unbalanced and kind of a key to the city so to speak.

On top of that, the fighting mechanics of gyms has changed a little bit as well. Most particularly in that, you cannot spam moves anymore at all. A lot of moves are very easy to spam are now slower but at the same time may actually cause more damage in some cases that’s been reported.

Which means these moves value hasn’t been hurt necessarily but they actually have to be incorporated as an element of strategy as opposed to smash it down get it done. Like the idea that you have to think a little bit more as opposed to just using the same move that you can win easily by just repeating.

50 Exp Bonus

8. 50 Exp Bonus

There’s now a 50 experience first throw bonus that you get when the first attempt that you make to catch the Pokemon. Meaning the first time you throw the Pokeball at them is the time when it works out. Which is something I think that really encourages getting better at catching them. The idea that you can level up faster simply for being better at catching them.

Honestly, if you just get good at it enough to do it on the first throw every time you’re going to be able to spend more time catching Pokemon.

But don’t think that you’re just going to be able to, you know to exit the screen and reset that bonus, You’re not. It doesn’t work that way.

Pokemon Can Now Move While Your Catching Them

7. Pokemon Can Now Move While Your Catching Them

50 Exp bonus might make this a little bit tougher, though. Now Pokemon can actually move around on the screen while you try to catch them. So it’s not exactly the same thing. There’s now another element of skills that you’re going to need to apply in order to catch the Pokemon as you’re roaming around your town looking for the next big catch.

It feels a little just a little bit more natural that they actually do a little bit to evade from you. But that being said let’s not get too crazy with it. We still want to be possible, I think this is just something that makes the game feel a little less weird at times and I do actually consider to be a positive change.

Pokemon Gender

6. Pokemon Gender

This is a change that doesn’t have any immediate effect but I think that it’s something exciting. There is now a visible gender to the right of the help bar on all of your Pokemon. Now what this is leading to speculate is that breeding is a feature that may be coming soon which I think is very interesting on account we have had specifically evolution based new Pokemon.

But if we have breading it could potentially open the door to something that feels closer to a custom Pokemon. Now, this is as I said speculation, in theory, they could really just make it so that certain Pokemon give you certain other Pokemon. I don’t know they haven’t given us any indication other than this gender so I’m definitely extrapolating a bit from here but it’s an interesting thought.

Legacy Moves

5. Legacy Moves

There are new moves and the legacy moves meaning the moves that were made obsolete by these new moves are now no longer able to be learned. In some cases people have been rather upset on account the new moves are not an equivalent to the old move. But I’ll say this I feel like it’s a little bit like the old Pokemon games where new generations could change the rules in certain ways. I kind of appreciate that, unless it gets in my way then I will become annoying.

Gen 1 Pokemon Can Now Learn New Moves

4. Gen 1 Pokemon Can Now Learn New Moves

Pokemon from generation 1 can learn new moves that were unavailable to them in the prior generation. To go along with the last point it kind of reflects how the Pokemon games went in the first place. It does in some ways feel quite positive on account makes all of your old Pokemon a little bit more interesting. It gives you a reason to continue working on them but as I said the way that the legacy moves have been phased out has ruffled a few feathers.

Evolution Items

3. Evolution Items

New evolution items are here, meaning you may have to get a certain item in order to evolve your Pokemon on to the second generation form. These items come in all sorts of varieties from dragon scales to sun stones, the metal coat, various other things.

Now it appears as though they’re quite rare. You end up having to get them from poke stops but be prepared to maybe do a little bit of traveling. They haven’t been reported as very abundant, I personally haven’t come across anything yet.

Pokemon Nest and Spawn Changes

2. Pokemon Nest and Spawn Changes

Some Pokemon nest and spawns have been changed. So if you find yourself not being able to go back to a place that you typically find a specific Pokemon or just some Pokemon. Don’t get too freaked out it’s just a fairly minor change but still, it may require you to change your routine a little bit hopefully not too much, though.

Lapras Nerfed

1. Lapras Nerfed

And finally this is very specific, Lapras has been nerfed. Now, this is kind of upsetting on account that is one of the hardest Pokemon to find. I’ve seen reports of some really big
power decreases in various Lapras that people have.

It may not be alone, there may be other Pokemon that are like this but it seems as though it is the only one that has had its base stats decreased. Meaning you start with a different point and building on top of that is going to be more difficult. Unfortunately wherever you built to is automatically going to be behind where it was as well.

However, i would say most of the changes that we’ve seen are quite positive. There are a few things that are just simply different and I would say that’s maybe the only negative in my opinion.

What do you think of Pokemon go generation 2? Are you enjoying it? I really want to hear from you in the comments. I mean anything you want to say about it.

We’ll see you next time, right here on hackzoid!

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