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Pocket Legends Hack – Acquire Free Gold and Platinum – No Survey! Version

Pocket Legends is a mobile MMORPG that is definitely worth a try!

Greetings again everyone! Today we will present you with a pocket-sized 3d MMORPG called Pocket Legends! If you happen to like MMOs like Everquest, World of Warcraft, Runescape and others, you’re in a right place. Not only will we present you the game itself, but the Pocket Legends hack as well. There is surely much to look forward to in this article if you consider yourself an MMORPG fan.

Firstly we will go over the Overview part of this post. It will contain all of the most basic information about the game itself. Overview is a simple and brief review of the game so don’t expect an in-depth guide. However, a more fully-fledged guide might happen later on if you guys show interest. We strongly suggest that you stick around and read this part, if you aren’t familiar with the game. This one is a gem we wouldn’t want you to miss!

After we’ve finished the Overview part of the post, we’ll go over our hack for Pocket Legends. We will tell you all the benefits of using our hack. Also, we’ve placed a short and clear guide on how to use our Pocket Legends cheat. With this we will clear up any confusion to the newcomers. While we realize that most of you are already experienced, keep in mind that each days new people join the GameBag community!

With that said we would like to conclude our Introduction for this article. Let’s move onto more important topics – Overview is first on the list!



Pocket Legends – General Game Overview – Core Mechanics and Gameplay

First of all let us start by saying that Pocket Legends is a free fantasy adventure and 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It can be played on Android, iOS and Chrome, weirdly enough! We played it on iOS and Android so if you know how you can play with the browser, leave the information below.

Pocket Legends has very aesthetically pleasing cartoony graphics, many large instanced maps, point and click combat, a streamlined partying system, lots of quests and loot, and beginner friendly gameplay. It was one of the first MMORPGs brave enough to try itself in the world of mobile gaming. We have to give the developers respect for that, becase such attempts are very risky.

When you enter the game you choose between three classes a warrior, a mage, and an archer. From there on you embark on quest to rid the village of Forest Haven from an infestation of zombies. What begins as a simple errand to eradicate the local undead, however, becomes a war against animated skeletons, wizards, dark knights, and other monstrosities across many different campaigns.

Controls are very simple if you take into consideration the nature of MMORPGS. You’ll control your hero’s movement using an on-screen directional pad, and combat can be initiated by tapping a large button on the right. Special skills that you’ll acquire as you level up will occupy the slots above this button. This makes it easier to cast a spell or taunt an enemy without looking all over your screen.

Overall, again this game has great potentials. It’s very unfortunate but undeniable that their success is being held back by the lack of planning and testing. I sincerely hope that they’ll find the right way to improve the game. Eventually this game might become the biggest mobile MMO!


Pocket Legends Hack – What are the Benefits and How Can You Use it?

Most of you are already familiar with how out generators work. But not everyone is an experienced user of our hacks. This is why we created a simple guide for all of you that wish to know more.

First of all you will need to find a red button at the bottom of this page called Online Hack’. Click that button and you’ll begin your journey to our generator.

You’ll get redirected to one of our pages that are meant to establish a secure connection between your device and our severs. To do this simply find the ‘Connect’ button below the text and press it. The process will finish itself and then you can click ‘Proceed’, after that the hard part is over.

Now all that you need to do is specify the amount of Gold or Platinum that you wish to hack. After you’ve selected the desired amount you need to confirm the selection by pressing the ‘Generate’ button. Pressing the button will make a window pop up asking you to fill in the empty space with your account information and the device you play on.

We will never ask for your password! But we need the account name and the device you play on. Simply because our generator must know where to send the resources.

After that you are all done, keep in mind that hacking Pocket Legends is completely free. That means we won’t require you to like or share our page. There is no survey involved in the completion of the Pocket Legends cheat. However if you wish to endorse our work feel free to like and share us!

There’s one thing we’d like to ask of you before you go and hack the game…


Pocket Legends Hack will required your username and device information. However it will never ask for your password!

Pocket Legends Hack successful attempt will look similar to this image.


Please Don’t Spam Our Generator Servers!

Abusing and spamming our generator helps no one, including yourself. Servers will continuously crash if you keep spamming the ‘Generate’ button. Not only that but other players won’t be able to use our hacks as well. Hence we would like to ask you not to do it. Have patience and you’ll get your resources in the end, we guarantee!

Keep in mind that you aren’t the only one using our services and that other people want to benefit too.

All this can be avoided by the rational and moderate use of our Pocket Legends Hack. Please keep in mind that if you spam our servers it will dramatically decrease our performance.

This applies to all of our other hacks, not just this one, since the generator’s servers are shared mutually.

All of this brings us to the conclusion that everyone benefits from moderation and rational use of our generators!

We at GameBag wish you happy hacking until next time!


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