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Panda Pop Hack! Get Free Coins and Lives – No Survey Version

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Panda Pop hack is yet another hack used to get free coins and lives for a time-killing app. This game is another bubble popper that is mainly used to pass the time. However this doesn’t mean we don’t like it, it’s just that we don’t really get immersed in these games. If you’re looking for something to open from time to time Panda Pop just might be the right thing.

There are some features, however, that can stop you from playing Panda Pop how much you want. Just like most of these types of games, there are lives that are replenished over time. Now you may think you’re gonna just ace every level and that you don’t need lives…You’d be wrong since some levels are meant to drain your lives away and make you pay to play.

Hence we made this Panda Pop hack, you can generate as much lives and coins as you want. Completely free, no like and share requests, no surveys! This hack will prove useful since the waiting aspect will completely be excluded from your experience. Most people hate waiting and we at GameBag definitely fall under that category.

Besides the people that already play Panda Pop, we know that there are those who never heard of it.

Because of that we’re going to make a little bit of introduction for the game itself. Read it all if you are curious about the game, or you can just skip to the hacking part. It’s your call!

So let’s analyze the game and see exactly why you’d want to hack it!



What Panda Pop is About? Should You Hack Free Coins and Lives for It?


Panda Pop may be just another bubble popper. But don’t write it off just yet since it has so many downloads for a good reason.

This cute bubble popper has an elemental twist. You will help mama panda save her many cubs and therefore save pandas from extinction!

However we found it strange that the rumors about pandas being clumsy at procreating aren’t true in this case. Because mama panda has so many cubs we really don’t know how she manages to do that! Are those her cubs or are those someones else’s cubs? We just don’t know!

Jokes aside we found Panda Pop to be a very fun time-killer. Saving panda cubs from their prison was quite relaxing. Panda cubs are caught in the bubbles by none other than an evil baboon! We enjoyed foiling the plans of that evil baboon each day.

To save the cubs you must tear down other elemental bubbles that stand in your way. Do so by matching three or more same-colored bubbles. If you play correctly cub’s bubbles will shatter and they will float down safely back to the ground.

All in all the entire Panda Pop package is put together nicely. There are numerous things that can make the game more dynamic. For example there is an interesting gadget system that’s interesting to play around with.

Gameplay aside, Panda Pop has a really nice Chinese-looking aesthetics. It’s mostly colorful, cute and fluffy stuff, and if you’re a fan of these, you won’t be disappointed. Each bubble you pop represents an element and has a different color. Red bubbles represent fire, blue bubbles represent water. While green and yellow bubbles represent wood and the sun.

It all adds up and in the end makes Panda Pop quite a decent game.


panda pop player connecting interface

panda pop free gold online hack tool


Hacking Free Coins and Lives for Panda Pop – How Does It Benefit You?


First of all Panda Pop’s gameplay is quite fun. Different elements, levels and gadgets make the whole experience quite exciting. You can even combine your power-ups on levels with more lanterns, giving you many options. Now we won’t tell you all about the power-ups and it’s combinations since we don’t want to spoil anything.

Bottom line is that Panda Pop is a fun, cute and gentle game. Surprisingly good for a bubble popper actually, we won’t deny it. Graphics are decent and the animations are good, however we purposely missed one important part.

The Coins and Lives are quite expensive. Aside from coins being expensive you have to wait for your lives to replenish. You can simply take your wallet and pay for that too…but there is another way.

Waiting for long periods of time before playing a level can be underwhelming. Ultimately this will take away the game’s charm and you will uninstall it probably. We don’t want this kind of experience so we managed to create coins and lives generator.

This generator will make you not have to wait before each game. And before you say that you don’t need it, reach higher levels and then come back. You’ll soon find out that it’s not as easy as it sounds and that the game challenges you a lot.

So without going into too much further details we leave it to you if you’ll use the hack or not. Some people do like an extra challenge and that’s okay. Other don’t – and that’s okay too!

We think of everybody hence we are publishing new hacks and generators each day we discover something new.

Before you go hacking the much need coins and lives we have to ask something from you…


Please Don’t Spam Our Generator Servers!


We are looking forward to the day we won’t have to stress this out so much. But things are how they are currently, so we have to do it.

You’re using our hacks completely free of charge. There are no like or share demands and there is no survey required to complete the hacking process. This is why we are asking you not to spam our generators!

Hack rationally and responsibly and keep in mind that many of our users want to hack as well. Don’t go on and mindlessly click the generate button millions of times since it will bring nothing good. Spamming the servers only goes bad for everyone, and that includes you as well!
Keep this in mind when hacking and we will appreciate it very much!


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