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Obtaining The Dragons in Dragon Mania Legends Version




Ah, the dragons! Those glorious products of the very climax of human imagination. Seems like they inspire awe no matter the context in which they appear. You want a good movie? Put some dragons in it! You want a good TV show? Put some dragons in it! Maybe you want a good book? Well, the dragons are the answer.

Certainly, things are not different when video games are in question, and Dragon Mania Legends is all about the dragons! Breed them, feed them and make them fight for you. Raise them, train them and defend the mystical land of Dragonlandia in never-ending battle against the Vikings!

Maybe the most astounding feature of this mesmerizing game is variety of dragons. There are around 300 different ones, each with it’s own unique look and stats. Even more, you can further distinguish them by their element and rarity. So each one you obtain will bring something new to the experience and you will not stop until you get them all!

Now, you may wonder how to do that, and that is exactly what we are going to talk about next, so make sure to stay with us until the end.



Means to obtain

Above all you need to know there is no unique way to get them all. For some of them it will be easy, for others patience is required. So don’t fool yourself thinking there is a shortcut. Where is fun in that?

Let’s take an overview of all the different ways you can expand your set of dragons, before we dive into details. The most common way to obtain a dragon is to breed it. If you don’t feel like it, you can buy them from the various shops in the game. Some of them can buy only during a limited time period. Dragons that can’t be bred you can obtain via clan-related activities. There are also events that will reward you with dragons if you participate. Also, you can obtain them through different battle settings such as Clockwork Dungeon, Enchantment League and Dragon League.

So let’s take a closer look at each one of these.



Only place where you can breed dragons is in the Breading Den. It provides you with 3 different options for breeding:

  • Breeding: if you choose the first option, two lists will appear on screen, side by side. They consist of all the dragons eligible for breeding, so you select one from each list.
  • Re-breeding: this option reproduces last breeding option you used.
  • Enchanted breeding: this is a mean of producing Enchantment Dragons where parent dragons have to be paired on a certain level in predetermined combinations.

Whichever option you choose, a certain amount of time has to pass before an egg is produced. Nevertheless, if you have enough gems to spare, breeding time can be skipped. It’s worth mentioning that dragons that are in the Breeding Den can’t be used for anything else as long as they stay there.

Once the breeding produces an egg, it will be moved to Hatchery. That is where magic happens and life flourishes and eggs are incubated there for a certain period of time. Just make sure to have free nests in the Hatchery when the time comes.



If you earned enough gold (or used hack for Dragon Mania Legends) you can open Main Shop and buy yourself a new dragon. It is the largest shop in the game and offers many other things, so make sure to navigate to the tab with dragons. Here is the list of all the different species you can find here:

  • Normally breedable dragons
  • VIP-Exclusive dragons
  • Card-Segment dragons
  • Boss dragons
  • Limited breedable dragons
  • Dragon of the week
  • Dragon of the month

While Main Shop offers different categories for you to choose from, Clockwork Dungeon shop contains only a handful of unique dragons not belonging to any of these categories:

  • Robot dragon
  • Kitsune dragon
  • Zombie dragon
  • Monk dragon
  • Wizard dragon


Clan-related activities and special events

If you are a member of a clan, you will have the opportunity to participate in special clan-related quests and events from time to time and some of these will reward you with specific kind of dragons – Clan dragons. These dragons reside in Dragon Fortress and can only be obtained if matching Dragon Pieces are acquired through quests and events and clan has certain number of hatching done.

Only two events are available via clan membership – The great dragon race and Clan siege, but to participate, clan already needs to have one Clan Dragon fully hatched.

Not all of the events are clan-related (quite few of them are, actually) and these are events you can join on your own. And you will want to, because some of them offer dragons as the first prize. Variety of dragons you can win is pretty high, so we will not list all of them right now.


Enchantment and Dragon leagues

Enchantment league is a feature in which players face each other in battles in order to acquire enchanting materials. While winning these battles does not reward you any dragons, progressing to the higher leagues does. Third league awards you with Armadillo dragon, fifth one with Wolf dragon and for the last seventh one reward is Sumo dragon.

Dragon league is a competition that takes plays in the Arena focuses solely on battles between dragons. It is unlocked on level 11 and you need three dragons to fight against same number of opposing player’s dragons. Same as with Enchantment league, you are awarded dragons not by winning battles, but by progressing to the higher league levels. Here is a list of dragons and corresponding league levels:

  • Agent dragon (bronze league level 2)
  • Lynx dragon (silver league level 3)
  • Steel dragon (silver league level 1)
  • Hammerhead dragon (gold league level 2)
  • Torpedo dragon (diamond league level 3)
  • Cosplay dragon (diamond league level 1)
  • Celestial dragon (dragonscale league 1)


And that’s it. We wish you good luck and hope you collect them all!


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