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Newcomer’s Guide! – How To Get Started in IMVU Version

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Facebook connects us all. It keeps us connected with all of our friends and family. But meeting new people can be challenging. So how do you meet new people? Are you searching for new and fun ways to make new friends? Well, search no more. We present to you: IMVU. It is an online metaverse and website where you get to make new friends while making your avatar to your personal preferences. All IMVU members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat with them, create fun chat rooms and play games. What more can you ask for? Not much if you ask us.

You can pick it up on your iOS and Android devices as well as on your PC via their site. So, choose your preferred platform and let’s go meet some new friends.



Creating your first 3D avatar

Making an online persona can be challenging. Not everyone is comfortable showing their face to public. IMVU circumvents this problem by having your Avatar rendered in 3D to represent you in the many chatrooms you decide to join and chat in. So what do you need to set ahead on this journey? Only your e-mail address or your Facebook. Once you decide how you want to join it’s time to create your personal Avatar.

After you choose your sex, be it your real one or your preferred one you are given many presets to customize your Avatar. As game develops and progresses more options are added into this part of the game. There are two main categories in creating the new Avatar:

  • DNA section: Choose your skin color, hairstyle, face shape and eye color in DNA section of Avatar Creator. Here you play with genetics and decide overall look of your 3D character. Then progress into fun part: dressing up your character!
  • Dress Up section: Be the real diva, school girl, fury or even a boy with a dragon head! IMVU has it all. Choose from vast presets to make your character as much you as possible. Also, it currently has the largest virtual goods catalog so make sure to further customize your character later in the game.

Done customizing? Great, select your Username and Password, be sure to type in your birthday and let’s set off to our first Chatroom to meet our new friends.


Chatting On a Whole New Level!

After creating your 3D Avatar you’re free to roam the world of IMVU. Find a Chatroom to your liking enter it and Voila! You’re there. Chatrooms are also 3D and you’re free to roam as much as you like. All Avatars that join the same Chatroom are connected via chat bar. There you are free to meet and chat with other people. Want to sit by the beach, watch never ending sunset and talk about it’s beauties? No problem. More of a bar person? Find one to your likings, sit in a empty chair, get your glass of your favorite beverage and get the chat going. The only limit is your imagination.

There is another part of Chatrooms we’d like to cover – interacting. As you’ve noticed you move through Chatroom World by clicking on arrows that represent points where your Avatar can stand. Well, we have a surprise for you. Some of them will interact with your Avatar. If you click on a car there is a possibility that it might start moving. Click on a dance floor and who knows, maybe you start shaking it like there’s no tomorrow. Stand next to a big bad demon and he just might throw you in the air and make you his minion of darkness.

Of course there are points where Avatars can interact with each other. Join never-ending cheers session, play a game of football or just walk with your new friends. Possibilities are endless. Of course, there are more intimate Chatrooms where Avatars can also make out and interact on more personal level. This Chatrooms are age protected as well as locked until you buy AP pass. But we’ll talk about that later.

Exploration is made even more fun this way! So be sure to click on as many arrows as you can while exploring Chatrooms.

As it grows, community adds and creates more and more Chatrooms . So be free to create your own if you don’t find any that you like. We’ll cover Creating later so be sure to stay tuned for more information.


Let’s Make It More Personal

IMVU also offers personal page similar to Facebook. Here you can customize your profile picture, add interest and make introductions for your new friends to see when they click on your Avatar. With clicking on Avatar you also can send friend request. There are many ways to upgrade and personalize your page. You can also show off snaps you took while visiting Chatrooms and have your friends envy all cool places you visited. It might be a virtual world, but a little envy can’t hurt. From same menu you can send a personal message to other Avatars as well as showing them a little love by sending them a gift.


More Customization Means More Fun!

Are you already bored with your starting Avatar? We know starting customization is limited so to make your Avatar more to your personal tastes some shopping is required. You need Covet Cash to get items. You can get them by buying it with your credit card or by using imvu free credits, we don’t judge.

As we mentioned before, IMVU has largest virtual goods catalogue so further customizing your character is no problem at all! Content creators add more items every day so if you can’t find something today be sure to check tomorrow. Go on a splurge and buy as much as you want. The game will save everything in your personal catalogue.
But customization is not limited to your character only. From catalogue you can also buy rooms that you can refurbish to your liking and create your own personal Chatroom. Show off your creativity and create whatever you want. It’s that easy.

And that’s it! You’re set off to meet fun new people in this ever growing community.

Show off your creativity and create whatever you want. It’s that easy.

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