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NBA2K18 – Game Modes, Features and Gameplay Review Version

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Christmas came early this year! At least for us, that is. NBA2K18 just came out and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. With this new addition to the ever-growing sports game genre NBA showed us it has potential to overthrow its biggest competitor and gets to the top with a slam dunk. With so many entries in the franchise already it’s refreshing to see how much effort they still put in making gameplay more organic as well as advancement of the legacy modes that have been neglected by other sports game franchises.

That’s why we decided to go in and review this new addition to the NBA2K legacy and give you our verdict on this gem. We won’t cover everything, of course, the text would be endless, but we’ll try to do our best and feature as many shiny new features as we can. So get yourself ready for the game on glass and let’s get this review going.



Gameplay Mechanics

The NBA2K18 has done it. It has created the best and most realistic gameplay in the sports-game genre. As some previous entries in the NBA2K franchise suffered from too much animation which made game feel more scripted, developers decided to put in place new movement system which reduces the reliance on animation. This has made game feel more organic. Also, CPU AI is not as exploitable as it was before. You are now better rewarded for utilizing play calling, mismatches, space and movement as you would in real life. Strategy is the name of the game.

NBA2K18 has done some amazing things on the court too. They made each player handle differently. Knowing who you’re playing with can really help you get your desired results much faster. And even knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the players in real life are helpful and heavily rewarded. Like Patrick Beverley is very effective as defense but putting him as offense would really damage your team.

So you should pick some other all-star like Kyrie Irving or Isaiah Thomas who are a real offense beasts. Even the help defense got it’s chance to shine in this years addition to the 2K series. Defenders will leave suspect shooters alone in the corner from three-point land and focus on helping drivers instead, daring them to try and make three-point shots.

It’s not all great, to be honest. AI players will sometimes go rogue and and they’ll lose their defense man without any reason. Additionally it will sometimes have hard time figuring out body placement, hip-play and make some mistakes that won’t make much sense. Other thing that stood out to us were occasional body parts sticking through the body of another player. But it’s a great improvement from it’s previous entries that were extremely glitched.


The Neighborhood

The online mode has had some big structural changes this year. The biggest and most obvious one being the Neighborhood. It’s a stripped down version of MyCareer mixed with MyPark and Pro-Am. Now you don’t choose modes from a traditional menu but rather set loose in an open world environment where you get to interact with other online players and run around to complete tasks you would naturally do in a menu. It’s an interesting way to cover the loading time while you switch between various game modes. And we dare to say it’s a fun one as well.

You can challenge other players in a game of skee-ball, Downtown (earn points by hitting shots from various positions on the court) or even something simple as a game of trivia. All of these are enjoyable little detours on your way to the Pro-Am gym.

But it’s not all it’s set out to be. Sometimes Neighborhood can really hamper progress from being made. Players can’t move faster than the pace of leisurely jog and it can take you up to two minutes to get from, let’s say, MyCourt to barbershop to get your superstar a new haircut. So a job that would be accomplished in the matter of those two minutes if you had traditional menu is now two minutes of you running around the Neighborhood. So yeah, it will feel more realistic with the spread out open-world but at the expense of efficiency.

Other thing worth mentioning are unskippable cutscenes. It’s understandable while playing important story events in MyCareer that you shouldn’t be allowed to skip. But it’s quite burdensome when too many segments seem to cover the loading time with them.


MyCareer story for this year stands out to be the most insufferable and unbelievable one to date. But we still found the whole experience enjoyable. With the exception of the agent and the team mentor some characters are even cool. Most of them are very stereotypical but express some reality in the way they’re talking and acting.

There is a new text-driven story mode attached to extensive simulation over at MyGM. As you take a role of General Manager you get an interesting backstory and have to deal with ownership demands, changes and feel the pressure real manager duties. There’s even dealing with the press as well as relocation. While it’s not all new for MyGM the cutscenes really gave life to this game mode.

Pay To Win

While 2K series improved in many ways with NBA2K18 this year some things are still very broken. Of course, we’re talking about microtransactions. While they were around last year this time you’re forced to use virtual currency to buy everything. From a haircut or tattoo to increasing your characters stats. And in a competitive online mode characters stats are all that matters. Of course, you can earn this currency in-game but it’s gonna take you some grind time to earn it. This can really bum you out as you’re placed with difficult decision of paying to play or grinding for hours to get your player to the state you want him in. That’s why you should check out our NBA2K18 VC Glitch and Free Locker Codes Hack to help you rank yourself better. And avoid spending your hard earned cash too.

And that’s about it. We covered everything we thought worth mentioning. Stay tuned for our further reviews on the game and it’s cheats and glitches.


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