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NBA 2K18 VC Glitch – VC Farming Guide Version

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Brace yourselves, because today you are going to learn how to farm NBA 2K18 VC with our VC hack guide that exploits VC glitch that is currently in the game. Certainly there is no need for us to explain to you what NBA 2K18 is. Even if you have never played it, you must have at least seen it or heard about it on the internet or at your friends house. Beside FIFA, it is one of the best established sports games with ever-growing fan base. And it deserves that status for sure.

Since you are here, we are guessing you are familiar with the ins and outs of the game and it’s mechanics. But you may not be so familiar with NBA 2K18 VC, or the so called Virtual Currency. We know that no one loves when monetization is tied to the gameplay, but VC is a money at it’s core, and it is deeply intertwined with NBA’s fundamentals. So yeah, it is a big deal and it has been so for several years now. We do not hope for any changes regarding that, since it brings money to the developer’s table.



Why do you need NBA 2K18 VC hack

NBA 2K18 VC is something that helps you grow as a player. And not just you, but also your virtual team. You can earn it by playing various modes or you can purchase it in a bulk. Players use it for character development and customization (buying clothes for example). Furthermore, if you gathered enough of it, you can buy your own team in management mode (or so called MyGM).

So basically, if you have more VC than other players, you will progress more quickly than them. And that puts you in a position of advantage. Also, VC forces you to be online to play MyCareer, which is not a bad thing by itself, but it can become one if the servers are not so stable, which happens. Other important thing that we want to point out is the presence of glitches that can result in loss of VC without the obvious reason.

Certainly all of this can be a source of frustration to the players that do not want to pay more money after they’ve already paid around $60 for the ‘full’ game. And if you are one of those players, you came to the right place. In the following section, we will walk you through a simple process of acquiring free VC with the NBA 2K18 VC hack we found online.



How to use NBA 2K18 VC hack

One way to get your hands on VC is using the Locker Codes. They can be for one time use or of limited quantity and they provide you with various in-game rewards, but can also contain VC. You can search online for how to get free Locker Codes, and we will not explain it here, but rather we will talk about a more direct way to get free VC exclusively.

To use the hack and get free NBA 2K18 VC you can watch the video above, or follow these simple steps we will now describe to you. We guarantee that it is a best and fastest way there is to get the most VC in the least amount of time.


Farming guide

First thing you have to do is to go to MyLEAGUE mod or create a new one if you haven’t already. Once you open it, game will ask you to choose what teams do you want in your league. Options are ‘Current NBA Teams’, ‘League Expansion’ or ‘Custom League’. Choose whichever you prefer, since this does not affect VC hacking in any way.

Once you’re done, you now have to choose when should the season start. Options are ‘Start In Regular Season’ and ‘Start In Offseason’. You have to choose the latter so you can play through summer league games. It will not give you more VC, but there are more games to play.

Next time you have to choose is whether you will customize your league or start a mode. So instead of choosing the ‘Start Mode’ option, you will choose ‘Setup Options’ to customize it. After that, a new screen will appear where you have to set various league options to a specific values in order to optimize VC hacking.


MyLEAGUE Settings

Here are the options and their respective values that you have to set in order to optimize VC farming:

  • Season Length: 82 Games
  • Quarter Length: 6 Minutes
  • Simulated Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
  • Normalize Played to Sim Minutes: Off
  • Normalize Played to Sim Stats: Off
  • Conference Quarterfinals: Best of 7
  • Conference Semifinals: Best of 7
  • Conference Finals: Best of 7
  • NBA Finals: Best of 7
  • Automatic League Expansion: Off
  • Protected Players: 0
  • Progressive Fatigue: Off
  • Team Chemistry: Off
  • Rule Changes: Off
  • Salary Cap: Off
  • Hard Cap: Off
  • Trade Logic: Off
  • Injuries: Off
  • Player Progression Rate: 100
  • Player Regression Rate: 0
  • In-Season Training Effects: 100
  • Gameplay Difficulty: Rookie
  • Simulator Difficulty: 0
  • Contract Negotiation Difficulty: 0
  • CPU Re-Signing Aggressiveness: 0
  • Morale Difficulty: 0
  • Morale Effects: 50
  • Draft Class Quality: 100
  • Player Non-Financial Ambitions Factor: 0


What’s Next?

Once you set all these you can advance to the next part and pick which team you want to play as. Again, choose the one you prefer the most. Next screen will show MyLEAGUE Automation options. Here you have to set ‘Pre-draft Workout’ and ‘Prospect Scouting’ options to ‘Auto’ and leave everything else on ‘Manual’.

Next thing you have to do to get free VC with this hack (or guide, as we prefer to call it) is to wait for all offseason events to finish before you can start summer league. It is boring part that is done automatically, but it is required nevertheless. After it’s done, the game will ask if you want to build other teams in the league or fill them out manually, and you will want to choose the latter, simply because you will get your VC quicker.

Further on it is not a matter of who you will play against, but how. Choose any game and choose the option to ‘SIMULATE WITH SIMCAST’. You will simulate the game, but you will be able to use right stick to adjust the speed of the game simulation. Speed it up to around a minute until the end, choose the team that’s winning and hop in to the actual game, ending simulation. Play to the end and once the game is over go and check your VC count. You will notice that you have about 900 VC more than you had before the game. And all that in less than 5 minutes.

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