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NBA 2K18 My Career Overview and Best Tips So Far Version

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Hey guys welcome to another one of our NBA 2K18 articles! The topic of the day is the popular My Career mode, everything about it, from main features to advanced tips. However, before we go right into it we just have to give you a piece of our mind about this mode overall. We feel like this has to be done because if we leave it like this, the NBA My Career can take a turn for the worse.

This is one of the worst attempts at creating a single-player game mod in an NBA game yet. And this is not just our subjective opinion, many people share the same opinion. We discussed this among other NBA fans, casual or hardcore, and everyone agrees it could’ve been done much better.

Now we won’t go around bashing ‘My Career’, don’t get us wrong…but there are some things that really need to be said. However, more on that later on in the article. After this introduction we’ll take a quick glance over the mode’s general features and core aspects. Once that is finished we get to the juicy part – the tips!

So without further ado, let’s go straight to the important stuff, shall we?



Quick Overview of the My Career Mode

So as you probably already know My Career is the NBA’s attempt at creating an enjoyable single-player experience. This is not the first time something like this appeared in an NBA game. However, this is the first time that the My Career mode has been such a failure.

The general idea behind My Career (at least in the past) was to bring a unique single-player experience in a multiplayer game such is the NBA 2K. You’re able to create and customize your character from scratch, train him to conquer the neighbourhood basketball courts and even become an NBA superstar in the end.

However, it seems like this year’s single-player experience was created with just two ideas in mind – branding and microtransactions.

This, of course, doesn’t bode well for NBA 2K18 because you already paid a good amount of 50$ or something for it (depending where and when you bought it). If it was a free-to-play game, maybe we could turn a blind eye to the extremly invasive brandin, but even free-to-play games don’t shove microtransactions down your throat as hard as they do.

The neighbourhood ‘hub’ that was added to enhance the feeling of the streets ‘being alive’ was a major failure. Not only was it tiny, consisting of two large streets and some alleys but it also felt fake as hell. Every step of the way was riddled with ads, branding and just general fakeness. Everyone seems to be a basketball player in this area which really never happens in real life. Also, the huge amount of players that you encounter aren’t really good for anything. Simply because you can’t interact with them in any way.


Virtual Currency and Its Usage in My Career

Don’t even get us started on the Virtual Currency (VC) and microtransactions…It simply isn’t right to have a customization of your character cost real money considering the fact that you already paid good amount for the game. Haircuts, shoes, shirts….everything costs VC and will just empty your wallet right out if you give it a chance. Only a 3-4 options out of each customization part is really free, and 9 times out of 10 these 3-4 options suck! Forcing you, indirectly, to pay up or look like an idiot.

Because of this we just had to make a list of tips to help you out and acquire VC as fast as possible. For those of you who want to learn how to get free vc without spending a dime, we suggest you click the link and don’t waste any time.

For those of you that still enjoy My Career despite it’s flaws, and want to play fair and square, we suggest that you read on because we will quickly show you a few useful tips.


Best Tips and Tricks for the NBA 2K18 My Career Mode

So the first tip that we have to offer you is about character creation. It is very important to create an overall good character, well-rounded but also exceptional in his position. Keep in mind that each position will require different attributes. However, don’t get confused and intimidated by the various choices, just create a character that suits your playstyle!

Play a few regular games, and see what you feel like playing the most. If you exceed in control and wish to create the court then the Point Guard is probably for you.

However if you don’t want that kind of responsibility and want to play defensively then SF or SG might be the thing for you.

When it comes to C and PF you’ll need to set screens, hit the boards and defend as hard as you can! We won’t tell you how to distribute your attributes exactly. Each player has their own preference and it is very imporant to develop your own playstyle and attributes that suit it the best!

Beware, once you choose your position and primary attributes you will be blocked by a cap from progressing further in certain attributes. This is done because of the balance. So a single player cannot be the best in all of the game’s aspects – basketball is a team game after all!

Also the body size and shape will affect your games. If you’ve chosen a smaller body type you’ll be fast as lightning but of course, your strength and agility will suffer. Which means you will have a hard time defending larger, stronger opponents.


Other Useful Tips for My Career

  • Remain patient and remember to keep your cool, because your reward will increase the better you play. Which means that if you give up or rage out in the middle of the game, your end reward will suck! This means less VC for you, so prepare your wallet. Because of this, we think it’s really important to point this out.
  • However if you’re impatient then you should try picking PG, SF of SG. Because this means you will get your hands on the ball a lot more. Meaning you will impact the game more, which means AI won’t get in your way.
  • If you tend to shoot outside stick with a guard, however if you like to hit the boards more frequently then any of the forward position, or even a center might be the best for you.
  • Keep in mind that your performance won’t affect your story. Because in the end you will end up playing for the team you’ve choosen at the start. However, it is important that you don’t make rushed decisions. Bad passes and shots because the better you perform the faster you’ll get to the starting 5!
  • Don’t waste VC! It you’ve accumulated a nice amount of VC be sure to focus on the MyTeam. Other stuff is neat, but only visually, MyTeam is where VC makes a huge impact. Be sure to spend it there.
  • Make sure you spend some time getting your Warm up, Bronze and Silver Goals out of the way early. So that they don’t accumulate over time. Because this may end up with you abandoning them and they do offer some nice rewards!

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