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Majestia – Free Unlimited Soul Stones and Soul Gold Hack! No Survey! Version

mobile RTS/TCG game Majestia!

Majestia hack will make it possible for you to hack unlimited Soul Stones as well is Soul Gold! This way, we make sure that you are properly equipped and able to unlock and power up everything that you will need in order to properly assemble your armies!

So what is Majestia? No, thankfully it is not another match three game, who would’ve thought, right? Majestia is a rather artistic hybrid of trading cards and turn-based strategy games. It’s available on iOS and Android powered devices.

Your aim is to defeat your opponent. This can be achieved in a couple of ways. The fastest way is to simply advance your troops past the enemy lines and capture their command point. This is the middle tile on the opposite and from where your units are summoned.

Of course, this is not the only way. A victory can always be achieved through the annihilation of the enemy forces. However, this approach will require a longer battle to be fought and a considerable amount of forces and divide variety of attack/defense cards.

Either way, as long as you can do one of these things, you can and you will achieve victory in the battle. Majestia hack for unlimited Soul Stones and Gold will allow you to equip yourself with exactly the right tools for the battle. This way you have to rely on pure luck to get what you need. Instead you can put together a deck of your own and have control over how the game and the battle unfolds.



What is the purpose of Soul Stones and Soul Gold? How does Majestia cheat make the game better?

First off, it’s a free to play game. You know what this means, don’t you? If you’re new to the mobile games seen, you might not know what were talking about. Basically, pretty much every free to play game is far from free to play. These apps are called freemium because the allow user to play them for free but also have the option of going premium.

Going premium always carries a lot of benefits with it. Sometimes it’s progression speed increase and sometimes it’s a handful of resources. Some games will only allow you to sample 100% of their features after you’ve spent a specific amount of money on them. There are even games that will straight up let you win simply by paying for it.

Although Majestia is not entirely like that, going premium certainly has its benefits. Because of this, the community will be split into free and premium users. If you like this game, we would advise you to spend at least something on it. This way you encourage the game developers to continue doing what they’re doing and you also get something back.

However, if you are simply unable to do such a thing, Majestia hack can help you. It will allow you to hack free Soul Stones and Soul Gold without asking for anything in return. The thing with the Soul Stones is that they are the premium currency of the game. The only way to obtain them is by spending the your money. Of course, that doesn’t apply to our Majestia cheat which will grant you free Soul Stones s well as Soul Gold absolutely free of charge.

If you’re looking for a way to step your game up, there’s no faster way than through Majestia online hack!


majestia hack step one

majestia hack final step


How to use Majestia hack to get free Soul Stones and Gold with no survey?

To hack Majestia, you only have to follow a set of written instructions on this page. Were going to explain the process in detail and leave no questions unanswered. If you’re eager to hack Majestia for free Soul Stones, let’s get you started!


To hack the game, follow these steps:


  1. The first thing that you want to do is to look for a red button all the way down, near the bottom of this page. You won’t miss it, it is read and it has the words “Online Hack” written over it.
  2. The next thing you want to do is to press the previously mentioned button. Doing this will initiate a process of redirection. A new window or a tab on your browser will open (depending on your settings and preferences). Do not close this newly opened window. The website that you are being taken to is where the cheat for Majestia is located.
  3. Allow this page to fully load before proceeding. Once it loads, just read this short instruction that is written there. It will explain the basics and tell you exactly what needs to be done in order to use the Majestia cheat for yourself.


After you’ve done these three simple steps, you will have access to free Soul Stones and Soul Gold.

Remember that this is not a Majestia mod apk! You don’t need to download anything or install third-party apps on your device. Yes, if the generator gets overloaded, it may ask you to perform a human verification which might require of you to download and run some games for a while, but as for the hacking process itself, you don’t have to modify the game in any way or download anything.

To avoid the human verification and hack the game as fast as possible, it is in your best interest not to spam the Majestia hack. Spamming the generator will do you no good. It will not give you any resources faster and it will only trigger the anti-bot protection which will call upon the human verification so do not spam the hack!


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