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Jurassic World: The Game – Throwback Version

Return to Isla Nublar to build your park and battle your own dinosaurs!

This Sunday we have something special for all you dinosaur lovers out there. It has been a few months since we last review this game…While we don’t like repeating ourselves we’ve a feeling many of you missed this gem. Also, since June 2019. quite a number of you joined our community. Since you probably don’t feel like digging through our old posts just to find the good games, we’ll bring them to you ourselves.

Now as we’ve already said this is a special suprise for all dinosaur lovers. However, you don’t have to be one to enjoy this game. Simply because Jurassic World: The Game is a good game to begin with. Good games have a tendency to appeal even to those who weren’t aimed at as a target audience. With that said, we ask you to put aside your prejudices and give this wonderful game a try.

We won’t be doing an in-depth guide to the game, since we’ve already did that here. We also won’t give a classic review of the game and all of its aspects. Since this is a throwback article we will simply remind you why Jurassic World: The Game is worth playing! That means we will be talking about its best and most fun aspects (as far as we’re concerned). However we won’t be able to skip through all the review, because many people might get confused that way. We’ll give a simple Overview on the game, from a subjective point of view – as strange as it may seem.

So keep in mind that this article won’t follow our usual pattern and that things might be a little more subjective than usual.
There’s nothing to hide, GameBag loves this game, you can easily see it from the amount of times we talked about it…



Jurassic World: The Game – Short Overview – Is it Worth Playing?

In short we can tell you right away – Jurassic World: The Game is definitely worth your time! However, we do owe you a more complex explanation than that. So let’s see why exactly do we think that this game is worth your time?

So back in the day when we played the game for the first time, it was unpolished and buggy. It didn’t really have most of it’s features that it now has. Still it was decent enough for us to make a review about it. This alone tells you much about the game and its developers.

When it comes to scientific accuracy, Jurassic World: The Game isn’t really the best example. However, there are vague explanations on how the dinoraurs came to life. Still, the game is very fun to play because of many different reasons. The dinosaur battle system is the core aspect which is setting this game apart from other theme park games. Aside from that the game looks absolutely amazing! Graphics and animations look good enough even when compared to some of the newer PC games. Thinks that’s an overstatement? Check out the pictures for yourself!

Here we see some of the ordinary dinosaurs that you encounter, even they look marvelous!

The developers clearly made sure that every single detail is accounted for in the game!

Believe us, the dinosaurs look even better in game on your device!

So what’s left to say about Jurassic World: The Game? You’re building a park, a Jurassic Park. The park is filled with many interesting things but its main attraction are of course prehistorical creatures. However there are many more creatures than just dinosaurs in the game. You’ll find that our quickly enough if you play yourself, we won’t spoil it for you. We hope to have sparked your interest in this fun little game, but now let’s see why we think this game is better than other park builders.

Why is Jurassic World: The Game The Best Park Builder Out There?

There are many different features of the game that make it unique. But the most important is the fact that this game is not just a park builder. Oh no! It is so much more. The exciting battle system is what truly sets this game apart from its park builder ‘brothers’. At first the battle system seemed very unpolished and clunky, we won’t lie. However the developers tried their best to improve it over time. The effort paid off, like it always does. So what we know have is a diverse, exciting, polished and very smooth arena experience.

This brings us to the next important aspect of the game… What is a game without updates – a philosophical question some would say. However we at GameBag think that the answer to this question is rather easy. A game without updates might be good, excellent even however, it won’t hold on for long in the game market that always pushes out new stuff and encourages change. This is where the developers of Jurassic World: The Game showed their expertise. Not only did they polish the game but they continue to do it even as we speak! Since the last time we talked about there were five updates featuring new dinosaurs, buildings etc. This certainly makes the game feel much more alive and maintained and what’s even more imporant it keeps it fresh and interesting.

Last but not least are the graphics. We cannot stress enough just how much we like the game’s graphics and animations. Of course the focal point of the game are dinosaurs hence they’re best looking. However, even other things, like background, buildings and foliage are very well designed. All of it combined creates a really cool ambient similar to the one in Jurassic Park movies.

Check out some epic battles in the video below:



Jurassic World: The Game – Conclusion

While we do realise many of you are simply not interested in dinosaurs or park building, we have to ask you to give this game a try. You just might surprise yourself with how well the game works and feels overall. Don’t expect too much since this is a mobile game after all. It cannot be, nor is it meant to be an AAA PC game with ultra-high graphics. That was not the intention.

The intention of this game is to bring the experience of dinosaur fighting to your handheld device. This intention was fulfilled perfectly if we dare to say so.

While the game may feel like a pay-to-win – rest assured that it isn’t one! Yes the DNA may be hard to find, and the research might take a while but it all comes down to patience. In the end if you aren’t of the patient sort you could always use our no survey hack for Jurassic World: The Game.

Our conclusion is that this game can offer something to every kind of player. It is up to you if you will give it a chance to do so. With that said we would like to conclude the last article for this week.
Until next time, I’m David Minard and I wish you a glorious Sunday!


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