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IMVU: The World of Possibilities Version

IMVU In-Depth Guide

In our last article we covered making your IMVU avatar. We explained to you how to create your new 3D persona and how to customize it. Also, we covered Chat rooms. How you can interact in them and what options you have while in them. Furthermore we helped you get a better understanding on how the world of IMVU functions and how to get the best experience while playing.

We didn’t go in-depth on creating and many other options because we thought it deserved it’s own review. So without further ado let’s jump right into it.




First, let’s talk about VIP program. To become fully pledged IMVU user you have to become VIP. Because what shows off more that you’re fully committed to your new Avatar than becoming one of many users who can share and create their own items. Being VIP comes with many perks:

  • Get minimum 5000 Credits every month.
  • 5% off any item from Catalog.
  • 10% off from any badge you choose to put on your Profile Page.
  • Even more free credits as VIP loyalty reward.
  • Enhanced dress-up and closet control.
  • Removes that annoying “Guest_” from your Avatars name.
  • Exclusive VIP badge.
  • Block unwanted avatar actions.
  • Unlock VIP avatar actions.
  • No third-party ads.
  • After three months of continuous membership you get a Name Change token.

And if you’re not sold on this you also get many privileges such as:

  • Earn credits by creating and selling your items.
  • Whisper privately in your chats.
  • Create up to 10 chat rooms ($300 value).
  • Create up to 10 groups.
  • Prioritized Customer Support with real-time chat.

You’re sold now, aren’t you? As were we. But now you must wonder how can you become this magnificent VIP. Of course, by putting your credit card to use (or by using IMVU hack). IMVU offers few ways for your Avatar to upgrade:


  1. Monthly plan: for $9,99 become a VIP for a month. You receive  5000 Credits upon becoming a VIP and for each month you continue your subscription.
  2. Three months plan: This plan gives you a 17% saving with paying total $25 for three months subscription. You also receive 15600 Credits.
  3. One year plan: This is the best offer IMVU has to offer. For $75 per year you get the status of a VIP for a whole year as well as unbelievable 73200 Credits. And you save 37% in process. Who knew!

So become VIP and let’s start creating!


Making your own products


Many users of IMVU are also original content creators. IMVU is ever-growing community with players who create and sell their products via IMVU catalog. To become a Creator you need to enroll in the VIP program. Once you become one it’s only a question of finding what you want to create.

Some skill is needed to be Creator but IMVU offers a lot of tutorials to set you on the right path. If you already have experience with 2D painting programs or a 3D program like MAX or Maya you’re way ahead of your class. You can start small and work your way up. And it will pay off!

If you’re still wondering: ‘’But what is that I can create?”, wonder no more! In IMVU Creators are just that: creators. Everything big or small can be created and sold. Stickers, Clothing items, Body parts, textures, 3D rooms, furniture or even Flash scripted games! You name it – you create it.

Start your own clothing line or make your own Flash gaming company! It’s your business and you can take it in any direction you want. Your business will become more lucrative the harder you work for it. And you’ll receive many financial rewards as you continue to develop your skills as entrepreneur and artist.

But that’s not all! You can even earn real money! IMVU offers to pay you real money for everything you sell. Once you become a creator you can choose how you want to get paid. You can get Credit to spend on your Avatar or choose to get hard cold cash. The rate is $0.40 for every 1000 in-game Credits. So think twice before saying IMVU is a just for chatting.


Access Pass


In our previous review we mentioned IMVU is not only for young ones. There is adult community accessed only by buying, well, Access Pass. This is one time only purchase and you need to be 18+ to even get the option. Access Pass will cost you $19.99 and with it you’ll get some new perks such as:

  • Adult Items in the shop
  • Adults only groups
  • AP profile badge
  • Adult Chat rooms
  • Adult avatar Actions

Discover world of Adult fantasy that you have not even begun to imagine. Of course, this pass also allows you to make Adult content to make you some more Credits or cash on the side. So be sure to check it out.

And that’s about it. We have now covered everything this game has to offer. This game is all about it’s community. Meet new people and chat with them. Loose yourself in many Chat rooms it has to offer. Interact and play around as much as you want. Play mini-games to pass time. Customize your 3D Avatar and show of your inner self. Or even go as far as making it your source of income. This game is as 21st century as it gets. And that’s what this game is about. So go on and have fun. We hope you have a great time!


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