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I Win like a Boss With Online Soccer Manager Hack for Boss Coins Version

  What's OSM? Online Soccer Manager is the game in which you can become the manager of your favourite football club.

If you were frustrated with the speed your soccer team was progressing in Online Soccer Manager, worry no more. We cracked it and hack for Boss Coins is now available to you! And it is completely free of charge. No payment required, no surveys needed. Hard to believe? It sure is. But that’s just one more reason to be happy about it.

In this article we will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire unlimited amount of boss coins for the game. We will explain it all in details, so there is no room left for mistakes. Also, we will assume you don’t know what Online Soccer Manager is and provide you with short game review. Just to be sure you’re on the right track. Maybe we manage to catch your interest in case you haven’t played it before. It’s a fun game after all.

But, first of all, we want to explain why our unlimited game resource generator is the best.



Why Should You use Our Generator?

If ease of use is not reason enough for you, be sure there are even more reasons you should try it and none not to.

Most noticable thing which we already mention is – there is no survey! It became somehow unusual to tread upon anything related to game hacks that does not require of you to fill some boring, generic and shady survey. And you never know why you have to do it! So that’s why, with our generator, you really don’t have to.

Another reason is that you can choose different amounts of resources you need and you can generate them as many times as you want. Already spent the first round? No problem, second one is on it’s way. We offer more than game itself does and we offer it for free.

Furthermore, connection between you and our servers is fast and secure, so there is no reason to worry about malvare. And all you need to provide is your in-game account’s username and platform you are playing on. Resources will be added to your account rather seamlessly!

With all that sad, let’s jump straight into the game and see what does it have to offer.


What to Expect From Online Soccer Manager

The game is exactly what it’s name implies: simulation of soccer team management. First thing you will notice that distuinguishes this one from other similar games is interesting and catchy cartoon style visuals. It it is pleasing to the eye whether you are 7 or 107 and you can get it on iOS, Android or play it directly on Facebook.

Although it is small-in-size mobile game, it’s scope features many aspects of real world soccer management profession. After you create your manager account, you are prompted to choose the league and the team you want to manage. And so you do it, after which funny cartoon guy pops up to walk you through short tutorial about basic features of the game.

Your first task is to reach 10th place in the 1st season in your league. And the game offers many features to facilitate your success in this task. Some of the basic things you are expected to do is to form your primary team setup. After that, you choose your play style – do you want your team to play offensively or deffensively? Do you want them to focus more on passing the ball or shooting on goal?

After the initial setup, you can use training mode to play friendly matches, for example, so you know what to expect from your team and what to improve further. You can train individual players and you can recruit new ones (or fire some of your own if their performances are unsatisfactory).

Certainly it is worth mentioning that game features online matchmaking where some of the matches you play will be against other player’s teams, depending on whether there is actually a player managing a team you are scheduled to play with. Otherwise, a computer will simulate the opponent.


Unlimited Boss Coins with Online Soccer Manager hack

As you have probably guessed until now, there is in-game currency which you can purchase for real money in in-app store. It is called Boss Coin. But, we know for sure that you don’t want to spend your real money and that is where our Online Soccer Manager hack jumps in.

Why do you need Boss Coins

Same way you need money to make your soccer team successful in real life, you need it here. At the start of the game you will get a small amount of coins in order to try some basic features and finish the tutorial. But, soon after, you will realise it is not nearly enough to make your team shine and reach the very top of the table.

You need coins for training your team. And you need it to train individual players. But most important, you need it to bring new ones and refresh your formation from time to time. This is obligatory if you don’t want your result to go downwards.

For those of you that are impatient, coins are mandatory, because they allow you to speed up or instantly finish some in-game actions which otherwise take time. Example of this is individual player’s training.

While in-app shop offers amounts of coins in range from 200 to 6250, with prices between 1.99$ and 49.99$, our Online Soccer Manager hack offers a little bit more, free of charge.

How to use Online Soccer Manager cheat

To acquire desired amount of boss coins, follow these simple steps:

  • Find a red “Online Hack” button on the bottom of this page
  • Click it
  • It will redirect you. Let the newly opened page load
  • Read the instructions and click on “Connect” button
  • Connection with one of our servers will be established and “Proceed” button will appear. Click it
  • After another redirection, specify the amount of coins you want and click on “Generate”
  • You will be prompted to provide username and platform you play on. Do so, so resources can be delivered to your account
  • Enjoy the game


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