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How to Play FIFA Mobile Soccer on PC Version

FIFA Mobile Soccer has founds its way to PC!

So probably you’ve heard about all the fuss these days about FIFA Mobile Soccer. As you know the game is getting huge attention these past few weeks. The reviews vary from Excellent to Disappointing but we already gave you our opinions about it. So reviewing is not what we’ll do today… In fact we have thought about it and we think we should let you all in on a little secret.

Now you probably already know the game is currently available on Androind and iOS devices and also on Microsoft Store. However, this doesn’t mean you can play it only on these devices. In fact this is the main topic of today’s post! Playing FIFA Mobile Soccer on your PC might sound strange but we found it the flexibility real good. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to start from scratch or that you have to have two separate accounts. No, this means that you can play FIFA Mobile Soccer on your original device and on PC as well!  Sometimes mobile devices can run out of battery real quick while you play games. This is especially the case with newer games such as this, believe us FIFA takes a lot of resources to run

So now that you know it is possible you should stick around for our guide on how to do it. We will explain everything thoroughly in the upcoming parts of the article, sit tight and prepare yourself for something new!



Requirements and Benefits of Playing FIFA Mobile Soccer on PC?

Now first of all we want you to know that this guide won’t require you to fiddle around with hardware. Nothing too technical will be expected of you in this process. The whole thing is pretty user-friendly and is meant to be available to anyone!

However there are a few things you will need to do but we will get to that later.

The main benefits are mostly subjective and you might not agree with us on them at all, but here we go. First of all the graphics are better and you can see the details the devs worked hard on. While most of today’s smartphone do have powerful specs – let’s face it – none of them come even close to a PC! You can see things from a much better perspective on a huge monitor and the colors are more vivid.
Aside from the looks you will also find that it is much easier to play on keyboard and a mouse. The input is much better because sometimes the swipes go unnoticed. It’s rare but it happens. However with your standard keyboard and a mouse you will have a much less chance for these accidents to happen.

Your PC, as opposed to any smartphone, won’t ever run out of battery, which means you can have much longer game sessions without having to reach for the charger. For those of you that think the Energy System might still be a limit, we suggest you give our FIFA Mobile Soccer hack a try. Also take a look at the last week’s blog!

So now that we’ve told you about the gaming experience itself let’s see how you can achieve it for yourself!


Quick Guide on How to Start Playing

So first of all you will need to download a program. Don’t worry though – it is pretty simple overall. Just go to this link and download the program called Bluestacks. It won’t take too long if you have a decent internet connection.

Now after the download has been completed you need to install Bluestacks of course. The whole process is the same as 90% of other installations that we do. We won’t go over this because it is not the main topic and we find it to be very easy so there is no need to explain. If you do, however, have some questions feel free to ask below. We will try and answer you as quick as possible.



After you’ve installed Bluestacks you will go through a quick guide on how to use it. Naturally most of you have already figured out how to download apps. However if you skipped the tutorial or are just confused overall here’s what to do:

  1. Open Bluestacks and wait for it to load – it might take a while depending on your PC’s specs
  2. Log In to your account and connect it with the account you play FIFA Mobile Soccer on
  3. Type ‘FIFA Mobile Soccer’ in the Search Bar on top right part of the window
  4. Press Search and wait for the loading to finish
  5. Press on the correct icon – be sure you’ve selected the good version of FIFA Mobile Soccer as Bluestacks will recommend you other games of the same type
  6. Click on the correct game and press Install
  7. After the installation process click on ‘My Apps’ on the upper left side of the Bluestacks window
  8. If you’ve installed it correctly, the app will be shown there, click it and start playing!

Bluestacks in General

Bluestacks is overall good for playing mobile games on PC and can be used to play many other games, not just FIFA Mobile soccer. The process if same for any game that you wish to download. Simply find it and download it – no porting or code changing necessary. Also, this isn’t your ordinary mod apk so don’t worry. It is a completely standalone program that can be used to run as many games or accounts as your computer can handle, at the same time.

We are always glad to share our little discoveries with you guys, we hope to have introduced you to something new and helpful today. As always you are free to leave any suggestions for the next game hack that you wish to see. Also, tell us your experiences with Bluestacks if you’ve used it before! Will you recommend it to your friends? Have you found it helpful as we did?

As always we’ll see you on Monday with two completely new and free hacks!


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