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How to play Android games on PC Easily? Version

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How to play Android games on PC? We wanted to address a question that’s been going around for a very long time.

There are actually a couple of ways that you can do this and pretty much all of them involve emulators. There are many Android emulators out there. Some of them are better than the others. Some are easier to use than the rest but most importantly, most of them have their upsides and downsides.

For example, 2 emulators might be both able to run the same game however, the performance might be drastically different. This is something that we have noticed when we were emulating Android games to make hacks for them.

Because of this particular issue, there is no emulator that is absolutely the best. There are those that are more or less stable for specific games. Is very important that you understand this because, this is not the countdown from the least good through the absolute best Android emulator for PC. With that out of the way, here are some emulators to help you play Android games on your PC.



This is probably the most popular Android emulator on PC. It is one that many people use and it is one that is generally well optimized for games. However, this emulator is far from perfect. Nothing guarantees that you will be able to run the game using it. It’s performance might change drastically depending on your system and hardware.

Sometimes it will malfunction for no particular reason and will refuse to install games. It will not allow you to properly configure it and utilize all of the resources that you have.

Still, you will be able to play games for the most part. You can fully customize controls, simulate tilts, taps, swipes. It even has a D pad simulator. On top of that, this one will allow you to use Xbox 360 controller. Although very limited the library of the game that support this feature still exists.


You can download Bluestacks Android emulator for PC if you follow THIS LINK!



This is pretty much exactly the same thing as Bluestacks. The design is very similar and it generally serves the same purpose. It has been developed for people looking to play Android games on their computers.

It is very easy to use and allows a fair amount of customization. Sometimes it will perform good while other times it might not perform as well. That’s the thing with emulators, you never know…

Cool thing that you can do is to install both Andy and Bluestacks so that if you have problem with specific game on one emulator, you can try to play it using the other one. This solution worked for us in 90% of the situations and it is probably going to work for you. Or maybe not, you never know because these are emulators after all.


Get Andy for free HERE!




Nox is another emulator created specifically with videogames in mind. It has utilities and plug-ins specifically created for playing video games. It allows you to play games with the controller and it is actually good at it. Motions like swipe and tilt can be mapped on a controller. Same goes for gestures which have additional support for keyboard and mouse input.

The best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free and that it works well with pretty much every game you install on it. Still, it is an emulator and its performance it depends on many factors so take all of the information given here with a grain of salt.

Try Nox Android emulator for PC. Download it now!


With these tree emulators you will be able to run pretty much every game from the market. It is a great idea to install multiple emulators in case that your game simply won’t run on one of them. At least that’s what we do here, on Gamebag.

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