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How to get unlimited Coins and DNA with our Agar.io Hack – No Survey Version

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Hello and welcome to our Agar.io hack. This fun PC, Facebook, Android and iOS game made its way into our hearts. Today, everyone knows just what this simple game is all about. And if you don’t, well you are in luck. You will get to experience this easy and fun game for the first time. And after you play it for a while, you will be ready to use our  coins cheat to make your eating experience much more fun!

That is what we at GameBag are all about. Making your game experience richer – literally! And, as with any other game hack, Agar.io cheat is completely free. So no need to worry about hidden costs or anything else!

Now, let’s see everything this game has to offer and how you can use all those generated Coins and DNA!



A bit about the game and our Agar.io Coin and DNA Hack

If you have ever turned on your PC and wanted a game that is easy to play and free you might have stumbled on Agar.io. In this game you take on a role of a, well, circle. And your goal is to be the biggest one around.

The gameplay, as well as everything else about this game is quite simple. Move around with your cursor, keyboard or touchpad and eat everything that is smaller. And run away from bigger ones. And that is it!

This game reminds us that you can have a good game even without cool flashy graphics or over complicated gameplay. All you need is a colored ball and some free time.

And this game will pay off in no time. Even loosing will seem like a part of gameplay. And you will find enjoyment in being crushed by bigger beasts.

But, as with any other game, there are always options to help you better yourself and/or make your character more to your liking. And that is no different for Agar.io. There are few things that can be bought only with real money. And with that we are here to help.

That is why we created Agar.io hack tool – no survey! To help you experience everything game has to offer without paying a cent. So, let’s see how you can benefit from using our tool to hack the game.


What to get after you hack Agar.io

There are few things you can get after you decide to hack the game for Coins and DNA. And we will try to cover it all. This upgrades will help your round character feel more unique or will help you survive longer. It is your choice on what and how you will spend your coins after you hack the game.



Potions are usable items in a game and with them you can get yourself some skin pieces and some Coins. They can be bought with DNA points and are very helpful for all players.

With them you can get your character even more unique and can even get some extra coins to spend. Isn’t that neat? There are for potions you can choose from.

  • Superior Potion – 120 DNA points: x4 skin pieces and 150-200 coins
  • Epic Potion – 350 DNA points: x6 skin pieces and 420-650 coins
  • Legendary Potion – 750 DNA points: x8 skin pieces and 720-900 coins
  • Mythical Potion – 1800 DNA points: x14 skin pieces and 950-1500 coins



The best way to prove you are unique is to look different. And in Agar.io it is very fun and easy to customize your character. And, with our Agar.io hack with no survey, you can customize it all the time! To buy skins you are going to need either coins, level or skin pieces.

And we have already shown you how you can get the latter. So, let’s see types of skins you can buy for your curvy friend.

  • Premium: can be bought with coins. There are a lot to choose from so you can customize it every day!
  • Veteran: unlocked with levels. Buy them to show off how much you have grown!
  • Mystery: this section is for those that collect potions. Once you get enough skin pieces you can unlock unique looks for your ball.
  • Official: now, the skins here are the best, in our opinion. They are high quality and a bit on a pricey side. But they only require coins to be bought so, if you have used our hack, there is no problem!


Mass and XP boosts

As the name implies, with these you get start boost for your character. They last one hour or one whole day, depending on how much coins you are willing to spend on them.

  • Mass boost: can be double or triple. With this you can make your bubble bigger and have a huge head start!
  • XP boost: can be also double or triple. And you should use this to level up faster.

And that is about it. All that is left to do is show you how to hack Agar.io – no survey!


How to use our Agar.io Hack Tool

If you are already familiar with how game hacks, here at GameBag, work you already know how to use this one too. Simply find and press big red “ONLINE HACK” button located on this page. You will be transferred to our hack tool in no time.

From there simply connect to one of our hack servers and wait for safe connection to be established. Once you have safely connected to our hack all that is left to do is to select the amount of DNA and Coins you wish to be wired to your Agar.io game and put in Username and Platform when asked!


Enter Account Information to finish off Agar.io hack

And this is how generated resources with Agar.io cheat look like!


And that is it! You have successfully hacked Agar.io!


Please don’t spam

Lastly, we’d like to warn you about dangers of spamming. Any continuous pressing of “Generate” button will result in activation of our No Bot System. And you will be locked out of all of our game hacks until you pass our Human Verification. It’s a tough one too! So be wary and use our Agar.io hack with utmost care and respect!



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