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How to Breed Dragons in Dragon City Version


How To Breed Dragons in Dragon City Guide


Dragon City is all about dragons. You care for them, you feed them, you train them and you make them fight for you and your city. But first of all, you have to breed them and that is exactly what we’re going to cover here.

It is important that you have a good understanding of one of the basic mechanics of this game, so you don’t have to struggle later on by progressing slowly because of a bad start.

Although dragons are purely mythical beings, let’s suppose they are not. Would they follow common biological laws of reproduction? Of course they would, they are reptiles after all. So in order for new baby dragons to see the light of this world, mama dragon and papa dragon have to breed. Breeding produces an egg, which you move to the Hatchery when it’s ready.

Hatchery is one of the most important structures in the game. Game defines a fixed amount of time every dragon egg has to spend in it in order to be hatched. If you don’t like waiting, you can use gems to speed up the process (if don’t have any gems yet, you can use hack for Dragon City gems). After that, you can sell your newborn dragon or move it to a Habitat, Kindergarten or Dragonarium.

There are many types of dragons in this game, like elemental, hybrid and rare dragons. Each type demands different approach to breeding. So let’s see what are some of the methods for successful breeding of some of the most popular types of dragons in Dragon City.



Breeding Elemental Dragons

Elemental dragons are associated with one (and only one) type of elements in the game and they are lowest in the breeding hierarchy. They can be of one of the following elements:

  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Dark
  • Light
  • War
  • Pure

Let’s note here that opposing elements can’t be bred together. Such oppositions are terra and metal, flame and ice, sea and war, nature and electricity, light and dark.

One thing to have in mind is that habitats for some of these types are more expensive than for others. For example, Light and Pure types require one of the most expensive habitats, so it may be better to obtain them via other methods like purchase for Gold. Also, every dragon can be raised only in habitat of it’s own element.

With all that sad, let’s take a look at two different methods for breeding Elemental dragons:

  1. If one element is present in both of the dragons chosen for breeding, than the resulting baby dragon has a high chance of being born with that same elemental type. For example Flame dragon and Volcano dragon together have high probability of producing a dragon with Fire element.
  2. If parents’ elements do not produce any combination, a resulting dragon can be born with element of one of the parents. So for example, dragons with Pure and War element can’t produce any hybrid dragon, so the baby will have either of those element. Chances are 50:50.


Breeding Hybrid Dragons

Hybrid dragons are the ones with two inborn elements and, with regard to Elemental ones, are pretty easy to breed. You just need to make sure that each of the parents has one of the elements you want in a resulting baby dragon. These are the basic hybrids that can’t be bred with opposing elements. But there is also a type that can and these are called rare hybrids, so let’s see how we can make one of those, since they provide much stronger sense of accomplishment to the player for sure.

You may think that it is much complicated to get a rare hybrid than a basic one, and you will be wrong. So let’s take a look at two simple methods to achieve this:

  1. breeding Hybrids: you just need to breed hybrid parents with opposing elements. For example, you can mix up Flaming rock (terra and flame) and Platinum dragon (metal and ice) in order to get Armadillo dragon with terra and metal elements.
  2. breeding Legends: this method is even more simple than the previous one, since you just have to mix any Legend dragon with any other type. The catch with Legends is that they can be any element, or even two of them, sometimes opposing.

So let’s see how to breed those legends.


Breeding Legend Dragons

Legend dragons are part of special category consisting of:

  • Legendary
  • Wind
  • Crystal
  • Mirror
  • Droconos
  • Nirobi
  • Robin Hood

To breed one of these, both of the parents chosen for breeding need to have Pure element. Pure hybrids will work, too.

But be wary, using Pure parents does not guarantee legendary result, it is just a possible result.

Now that you are aware of the existence of Pure dragons, let’s walk you through the process of making those.


Breeding Pure Dragons

Ingredients for this recipe are Pure dragons, Pure hybrids and Legend dragons. You will notice that we already told you that you can make Legend dragons with Pure ones, and now you know you can also do it the other way around. But since legendary ones are higher on the hierarchy tree, you don’t want to waste them on trying to breed Pure ones.

The most common way to start breeding Pure dragons is to buy one from the game shop. You can acquire Pure hybrids the same way, so let’s see how to breed those.

To produce a Pure hybrid, you need to have one Pure and one Elemental dragon. Result will be a Pure hybrid with element of that Elemental dragon. So if you want Pure Flame dragon, you simply have to breed Pure dragon with a Flame dragon. As simple as that.


With all that sad, we covered most of the breed-able types of dragons in Dragon City, so make sure to choose your favorite type and get to work!



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