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Homescapes Hack! Free, Unlimited Coins Cheat – No Survey! Version

Homescapes is now officially released!

Worry no more: now you can redecorate the mansion without wasting any of your hard earned money using our Homescapes Hack! And without taking any kind of survey at that. That is right! Our Homescapes Coin Cheat is fast and easy way to hack your way into some extra coins. Of course, we at GameBag are always thinking about You so we added Lives and Stars to our Homescapes Hack!

Now Homescapes is a fun little game. You get to help friendly butler to renovate the house so his parents wouldn’t sell it by playing simple Match 3 Game. With each win you earn one Star to help you renovate or redecorate parts of the mansion. And as any other game in this genre, addiction is just one step away. It is a hard thing to admit, but we also struggled with putting the game down. Simple things, such as adding the new furniture or changing the rooms’ wallpaper made every win that much more important.

But, at one point this game becomes Pay to Play. Of course, if you have patience, you can ride it out and wait for your Lives to recharge, but most of us struggle with the waiting period. Some help is given in the beginning, we won’t lie, but you will see the end of your Coin Purse by the end of the third day, we guarantee you. And unless you have tons of Facebook Friends just waiting to send you a Life you will need to either buy Coins or go online and find our Homescapes Coin Generator. So be sure to read carefully down below to learn how to use our Homescapes Hack to your advantage.



Why do we need Homescapes cheats to better our renovating experience?

As we mentioned before, this game added fun to your regular Match 3 Game by simply adding tasks you need to complete with stars from playing. To be frank, that’s what got us hooked to the game too. Redecorating your room, putting up a wallpaper or changing the stairs so you can go to main bedroom got that much more fun after having to earn it. And somehow we found ourselves spending hours connecting teapots, teacups and bowties to get powerups so we could finish lacquering the staircase and give our old pop a new shiny rocking chair.

But as you progress with levels one thing gets pretty clear. Not every level can be passed in just one go, and somehow Lives and Coins get thickened out. And with that comes the need to pay to continue playing. And that is a big no – no in our books. So something simple as making Homescapes Coin Hack just had to be made. To help us and you get the most out of every Homescapes session. Now, you can play it safe and just add Coins to your account, but what is the fun in that? So, for your gaming pleasure, and ours, we threw you a little present by adding Lives and Stars to the mix.

With this easy to use Homescapes Coins, Life and Stars Cheat you just have to pick this game up from your preferred platform. Be it the iOS, Android or Amazon, as long as it works, we don’t judge. And once you do get into this game we guarantee you you will get hooked. And for a good reason too. Now, if you are our new user please make sure to read the next part carefully, and if not you can skip right to hacking.


How to use our Homescapes Coin Hack to get Coins, Lives and Stars?

Our Game Hacks are all quite easy to use. By using our Homescapes Hack we guarantee you you will get your desired resources without having to spend any real money. It is safe and not at all time consuming way to get yourself your desired Coins, Lives or Stars. By simply following directions written here will get to your resources in no time. And we assure you you will save few bucks too (ex. for our second biggest offer you will get 140000 Coins which corresponds to paying $39,99 for 53000 Coins). Isn’t that neat? So let’s get right into hacking.


  1. Find and press big “Online Hack” button located at the bottom of this page. You will get redirected to a new page and from that moment – it is hacking time. First, press “Connect” button and wait for a secure connection to be established. Once it is secure simply click “Proceed” and get ready for some magic.
  2. Simply put in your Username (nothing else will be required) and your gaming platform. Once our Resource Generator finds the Username for inquired platform all you need to do is select Resources. Of course, you can always go for the biggest, but remember, part of the fun is earning it yourself.
  3. Wait for Resources to be transferred to your gaming account. Note that it might take some time for them to get to you. Patience is a virtue, they say.

And that is it. Congratulations! You have used our Homescapes Hack successfully.

 Homescapes hack account information input

Homescapes hack succes!


Please don’t spam our Homescapes Cheat Tool servers

As you will get to see shortly, our Game Hacks are used quite often. And to insure everyone gets their fair share of Resources we installed No-Bot system. So we urge you not to spam our “Generate” button or you will be stuck trying to prove you are a human being. And that is no fun, is it Cylon? So be sure to use our Homescapes Hack with great care.

And that is it! Thank you for reading. We hope you finish redecorating your mansion in no time! Good luck and have fun.


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