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HELP!!! vw discover media change maps from Australia to Europe

Maps from Australia to Europe


Hi guys,I have a car imported from Australia over to the uk, it has factory fitted sat nav (discover media) and I want to use Europe maps but for this I need the eu maps license activation. I have tried to buy this from vw but when it arrives it is the Australian activation and sd card, this is not what I need so I sent it back and contacted vw customer services a couple of times and got 2 different answers

1. you can’t use satnav maps in the car in any other region than the one it was supplied to. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc.)

2. you need to change the information electronics unit. (I have checked this and it is not a region specific part, it is supplied all over the world and you can change the region with coding)

as you can see vw don’t know what they are saying or doing.

I have changed the coding in my unit to now accept EU maps, I have downloaded the maps from navigation.com and now my ODIS is asking for the license pin, I just can’t get the license from vw.

I have seen people selling discover media and discover pro units as retrofit kits fully unlocked, no vin needed, no license or activation needed. just plug and play.

so this is my question, can anyone help me get round the license activation so I can use EU maps in my Australian supplied car???

there must be a way to do it if people are selling retrofit kits for car that didn’t even come with sat nav in the first place.

thanks in advance guys.



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