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Hack Free Google Play Gift Card Codes Generator! No Survey Required! Version

lots of unused google play gift cards

This time around, we want to talk about something a wee bit different. So far, we’ve been providing you with a lot of useful game hacks that you were able to use to your leisure. This still falls under the “hack” category although, is an entirely different kind.

This time around we are going to share with you a discovery that we’ve made a while ago. The reason we postponed this is because we wanted to make sure this is absolutely safe to use. Turns out it is. Believe it or not guys, we found a way to allow you to hack $10, $25 and $50 Google Play Gift Cards!

We’re not joking. These kind of hacks have been around for quite a while now and more often than not they turn out to be absolutely unsafe or a joke made by someone to mock people like ourselves.

We’ll be completely honest with you and admit that hacking something like this falls way out of our capabilities. This is a very complex thing to do and we were skeptical about its possibility.

Of course, the system is safe and there is a way to crack and hack everything. Turns out free Google Play gift cards were one of those things. Who would’ve thought?

Well, whoever thought about it, know that you have our deepest sympathies. This is an amazing tool and it allows you to get so many cool things from Google Play for free.

Let us tell you all about it and explain just how you can get this to work for yourself.


How to hack free Google Play Gift Cards?


Just like our game hacks, this Google Play Gift Card generator is entirely online based.

This means that the entire process of hacking happens online, on some server(s). This is a good thing. This means that there’s nothing linking you to the servers in case anything goes wrong. Now, will it go wrong? We can’t actually tell.

This is not ours, we found it and we are simply sharing it with you. We can’t guarantee for its long-term functionality or safety however, we can say that it’s been over three weeks now and that we had absolutely no problems with Google Play whatsoever.

Hacked credit is still here as are all the products that we’ve purchased using it.

The best thing about it is that it’s relatively easy to do. Here’s a step-by-step guide so you can try it for yourself.


  1. First, you need to go to the website where the hack for Google Play gift cards is. We’ve provided a link at the bottom of this page.
  2. This is where you must locate and select the option to hack Google Play gift card key.
  3. Confirm your selection by pressing the “Get Yours Now” button underneath the Google Play icon.
  4. A new screen will open up and you will need to select the amount of cash. You have three options although, there is absolutely no reason to go with anything lower than $50 in our honest opinion.
  5. Once you’ve selected the amount, the process will start immediately. You will see a lot of codes running across the screen as the generator is looking for a valid, unused code. This process might take a while…
  6. After this ends, you will be able to get your code.


Well, you will almost be able to get the code…


There’s one thing about this free Google Play gift card code generator that we’ve saved for now.

It requires the human verification. Yes, we are absolutely aware that nobody likes these. We use it as an anti-bot protection on our own website only if the generators are being spammed to separate the human users from malicious bots looking to exploit and abuse our game hacks.

However, this hack for Google Play gift card codes requires you to complete the human verification process no matter when you try to do it. At least, that’s how it was in our experience. But wait, there’s one more thing.

We went with it and completed it successfully. It took us some time, and yes it was very annoying. However, once we’ve completed this human verification process, we went on and generated another free gift card code for Google Play. We were surprised that this time around we were not asked to validate anything. We were accepted and recognized as a returning user.

Once you do the human verification thingy, you won’t have to do it again! However, if you delete your cookies for the website you will have to do it all over again. You can watch whole process in this YouTube tutorial video:



Quite frankly speaking, even though we don’t really like these sort of things, we can’t really complaint. We are being given $50 for a minute of our time. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s not complex.

It only requires a minute of our time and it gives us $50 in return. You have to agree, that’s a good deal.


If you’re interested in getting the gift card yourself, here’s a link that will take you to Google Play Gift Card Code Hack.




Google Play Gift Card Generator

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