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Gummy Drop Hack! Free Coins and Lives Generator for Gummy Drop Version

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So we’ve created another generator! This time it’s a free coins and lives Gummy Drop hack.

It’s a very unique game that we’ve just recently discovered. It combines many different genres into one, and it’s doing a pretty good job at it. Block-buster and city-builder and some of the genres that are being mixed into this game.

Aside from the unique game genres that this game mixes successfully there is something else to it. Gameplay is pretty fun, exciting and dynamic. Every level you encounter is slightly different in terms of terrain, blocks, goals etc. You’ll never get bored honestly, but…There’s always that one but that ruins everything…

Levels get quite difficult if you don’t think them through properly. Aside from that you lose lives each time you don’t complete a level successfully. This will happen more often as you progress in the game. GameBag staff decided to do something about it, as always!

We created a Gummy Drop hack for free coins and lives. That’s right we did it again and we are giving it out for free! But before we go into details about the generator itself we’ll talk about the game first.

Since we know that not everyone is playing Gummy Drop we’ll do a review covering the basics of the game. However, we strongly recommend that you give this game a try since we were pleasantly surprised when playing it. We ought to have higher expectations next time when playing new games!

So without any more rambling let’s get straight into the game review and see what exactly Gummy Drop is!



What Exactly is Gummy Drop? Can You Get Free Coins and Unlimited Lives?

Big Fish Games really didn’t disappoint us with Gummy Drop. On the contrary we got much more than we expected in the first place. You’d think they would have a pause between releasing good games like Cascade and Panda Pandamonium, but no.

It seems like Big Fish Games are on a streak of good games. We wish this streak won’t stop on the third game. Since we think smartphones could use some more serious developers and better games. Something that isn’t just mindless money grab.

Gummy Drop’s revolutionary aspect is consisted of giving three-match a greater goal. To put it simple – you don’t just stack blocks for hours on repeat.

It contains deeper levels of gameplay that are divided into layers. Essentially three-matching is used as means to reach greater goals. City-building is one of those goals that you need to reach.
You start out in Australia, Sydney where you’re asked to rebuild the most famous landmarks.

To successfully rebuild landmarks you need resources. Essentially resources are harvested by completing different levels that you come across. Each of these levels has three difficulty modes, from Intern to Master Builder. Each difficulty grants different rewards.

The gameplay will seem familiar if you’re an experienced match-three player. But even if you aren’t you’ll quickly get a hang of it!

Gummy Drop has it’s power-ups of course. Aside from the regular sweeps, there are bombs and lightning bolts that are considered to be more powerful. The more blocks you destroy at once, the more powerful power-up you’ll get!

You can also get power-ups with Coins. Coins are bought with real money – of course.

You also get limited lives that you have to either wait for to replenish or buy with real money.

Both of these can be acquired with our generator!


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Is Gummy Drop Worth Playing? – How Can You Get Free Coins and Lives?

We’ll say it right off the bat – We enjoyed Gummy Drop! However you should be aware that a game can be a money-sink. Since you need to pay large amounts of money to continually play the game and get the much needed coins.

On the other hand you can either play it for short periods of time or use our generator to avoid spending money.

The game’s three most valuable resources are building materials, knowledge and gems. All of these are necessary for you to progress. Each are acquired through different means but it all comes down to beating levels.

One thing we really liked about Gummy Drop is the absence of repetitiveness. We really dislike tedious actions and time-wasting tasks. Gummy Drop didn’t implement any of these two and we can only recommend it because of it.

Cheap tricks that other developers use to make you pay for the game make us sick. Like making the game so tedious that you have no other option but to pay for it to be fun.

We’ve played through sixty levels without being bored of Gummy Drop and without spending any money. However if you want to play continuously you will have to pay!

Luckily you can just generate both coins and lives with our hack tool. We couldn’t hack every resource as there are quite a few. Creating the generator with that many resources would take too much time.

However once you get enough lives and coins other resources will pretty much come as well. Since if we hacked all the resources it would probably take out all the fun anyway.

One more thing before you start hacking…


We Ask You Not to Spam Our Generator!

Please take into consideration that you’re not the only one that’s using the hack. There are plenty of other people trying to do just the same. But if everyone keeps spamming the generator, nobody wins!

Neither you, your fellow players or us will benefit from spamming so please restrain yourself from doing it.

You can hack as much resources as you want for free but do it once. You can come back later for more but hacking resources five times a second can be devastating for our servers. We hope you understand and we hope that you will hack responsibly and rationally.

With that said we wish you happy hacking and many fun hours in Gummy Drop!


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