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As you probably already know, our last blog was about Top 5 NBA Games. Now, our article was short and on point. Because of that it didn’t contain any honorable mentions, hence we created this article. In this article we will cover up some honorable mentions that didn’t make it to our Top 5.

The list won’t have any specific order, meaning that each of these games are kind of tied. Also, keep in mind that our knowledge about sports games is limited. Because of this, we called for some outside help, just as we did last time, simply to keep things more professional.

However you should know that this is a subjective list, meaning that some of the games that we find great might not be that good at all in someone else’s opinion. But as we all know that’s how opinions work and it should always stay like that. Following others blindly never amounts to anything good.

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We hope to have cleared any confusion that might’ve occurred. With that said let us move on and check that list out, shall we?



As always we like to start with old but gold! Released back in 1993 NBA Jam was the arcade heaven of sports games. It was the first installment of the NBA Jam series and it was a success.

However, this is one of the less realistic basketball games on the list. Don’t take us wrong – we know the graphics were the best they could be at the time. The players look neat but it’s the gameplay that give it away. It is pretty chaotic and unrealistic and you can notice it right from the start. You’ll fly around the court and perform various stunts while doing so.

But all in all the game was good and it really captured the arcade spirit of the 90s! Also, it’s much much more fun while playing with friends. Give it a try and tell us if you liked it…


NBA 2K12

While NBA 2K12 wasn’t the fan favorite it surely was a good game. It was a simpler time, fans wanted more player diversity. Since NBA 2K11 was all about Michael Jordan, the devs introduced other players. The roster was now more diverse than ever.

As opposed to the previous parts of the game NBA 2K12 had smoother animations, better gameplay and overall it was a step forward! Models were mind-blowingly realistic (for that time of course).

While NBA 2K12 didn’t have anything revolutionary to offer it did make a step in the right direction. It almost seemed like the devs were checking the pulse of the fanbase for the next installments of the series…


NBA 2K11

As we’ve already said NBA 2K11 was all about Michael Jordan cult. Because of it it had the best opening in the NBA 2K series. This installment allowed you to play through and experience Jordan’s career. From top to bottom you were able to get a glimpse of what Jordan’s career looked like. From his first moments on the court to the finals, you had it all!

At the start of the game you were placed just behind Jordan while some dope song played in the background. Most of you who played this had a flashback of awesomeness as you read the previous sentence.

However while MJ’s career was the focal point of the game, it wasn’t all. Graphics were slightly improved and gameplay overall seems faster-paced. Also, many game modes were added or just improved with this part of the series. The thing we liked the most was the commentary – it felt alive and real!

However in the end Michael Jordan was the selling point of this game…


NBA 2K17

We’ve given NBA 2K17 a try and played it for a couple of days last week. To be honest if we played it earlier we would probably put it on top of the list we made. It felt like a fully evolved NBA 2K game. The developers made a huge effort, they learned from their past experience, polished the graphics etc…

While there weren’t any massive improvements you could clearly see that the game was refined compared to the previous installments. Guess the improvements in these games don’t come just like that, they simply need time to evolve.

If you want to play a good basketball game we suggest this game over NBA 2K18. The reason is simple – this game isn’t riddled with microtransactions. This was a major issue we had with NBA 2K18. It had way too many Pay-to-Win aspects which were repulsive to say the least…


NBA Live 2000

And we’re back to Michael Jordan! In fact this is the first NBA Live game that features Michael Jordan. Again, he was the selling point of this game as well, just like in NBA 2K11. You could pick Jordan to play as him or any other superstar from that time. You could also play against him if you want but since he had the best stats in game that wasn’t recommended.

One of the most memorable things that fans pointed out was the soundtrack in this game. It was legendary, featuring the likes of Run-DMC and Naughty by Nature. Also it was quite a leap from the generic soundtrack that the previous games had. This is one of those examples where music makes a game great! We can say with utmost certainty that NBA Live 2000 raised the bar for the soundtracks in future basketball games.



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