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Gift Card Codes Coming to GameBag soon! Version

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Hey guys, this will be a short one.

We wanted to tell you about something that we’ve been checking out for quite some time now. There was a website that we found which offers free gift card codes for all kinds of different platforms. Of course, we were skeptical about it so we decided to put it to the test.

There are many websites and services like this one all around web and most of them don’t even work. Those that do work usually have tons of security flaws and the credits that you can get with them usually gets taken away alongside with everything you’ve purchased using this credit.

We have tried free gift cards generator services many times in the past. With every following generator, our expectations were lower and we had pretty much given up. However, someone recently hinted to us that there is an awesome service that actually does provide a valid free gift card codes for its users.

We decided to give it a chance and for the past month or so we’ve been testing it. To tell the truth, we were positively surprised!

Not only did this service provide us with free gift card codes for:


  • Google Play Store
  • iTunes
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Steam
  • Spotify
  • Amazon


; we were even able to keep the funds that we’ve obtained through this generator for over three weeks now. If you ask us, this is the proof of a quality generator.

The systems were unable to detect these false keys obtained through the generator as a faulty one. They were not able to remove our credit and we were able to spend them on anything that we ever wanted to spend them on.


How to get free gift card codes and how safe it it to do ti?


It is very easy to generate free gift card codes this way. From our experience, the process is safe and proven to be working. However, we still can’t guarantee 100% for it.

This is not made by us. To be honest, things like these are above our capabilities. We might be able to hack video games and make them more enjoyable for you, but hacking services like Google Play and iTunes is unfortunately well above our skill level.

Because we didn’t make these, we can’t guarantee for certain that these well be 100% safe to use. Although, from our experience, we can say that we haven’t encountered any problems in almost one month.

Anyway, we would advise you to exercise caution and do not overdo it. There is no need for you to generate 100 cards one after the other. Play it slowly instead and play it smart. Get a card on every couple of hours, days even. Unless you really need it, don’t go for the high amounts of credits. Play it smart and try to stay incognito.


As for the actual tutorial on how to do this yourself, you will have to wait a little longer.

We will make separate posts about each and every one of these free gift card codes generators and publish them right here on GameBag as soon as we are able to.

Until then, follow our news feed and stay up-to-date with the latest game hacks.

See you guys soon with some more awesome game and free gift card codes hacks!

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