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Get Ready For Free, Unlimited Gems With Our Growtopia Hack – No Survey Version

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Welcome to our Growtopia hack! Are you ready to play this iOS and Android masterpiece and create the world to your liking? We know we are! And we are here to present you the best Growtopia cheat on the market!

This easy to use tool will help you make the best world you could make and all that completely free! That is right! With our Growtopia hack tool you will get unlimited Gems for your game without having to spend any money! Isn’t that neat?



A bit more about the game and why hack Growtopia?!

As you might already know this game is a creative sandbox MMO platformer where you can build, chat, play, plant, protect and explore many worlds created by users. And in the world so vast and interesting you can really lose yourself and make everything just as you have imagined it.

So, when a little birdie told us we needed to create working Growtopia gem hack for this pixelated masterpiece we were all over it!

That is because, if you want to play this game right, some purchases will be required. And of course, those cost real money! And even though now you could say it is a standard for a mobile game to have in-app purchases, we still feel like it is very unfair just how much they ask of us.

And that is what we are here to change. We, the GameBag, aim to make games playable even without spending ridiculous amounts of cash just to keep up with everyone else. Who is to say you can’t hack your way into some more cash?


What you get with Growtopia hack?

Well, you get only the best! With our Growtopia hack you will get free, unlimited gems with no survey! We want to help you play this game whenever and however you want without having to spend a dime? And if that is not the good deal, well, we don’t know what is!

And, to help you a bit more, we decided to write down all the shop items for you here so you can have better insight on everything you can buy in-game to help you along the way while you are creating your perfect Growtopia world!


The Shop Cheat Sheet you can use after using our Growtopia Hack Tool

There are three main parts of the shop. And with only one use of our Growtopia hack you will be able to buy most, if not every, item from this list. First, before going into shop, we would like to present two items that can be bought outside of the shops even though they appear in their represented shops.

Background can be bought for 150 000 gems and Antigravity Generator for 450 000 gems. These items are most expensive so they appear even outside their shops! And if you get our maximum amount during your first run of our Growtopia gem cheat you can buy both of these items and have a lot of leftover cash to build and buy!


Item Packs:
  • Door and Sign Hello Pack; Basic Splicing Kit; Small Seed Pack; Rare Seed Pack; Clothes Pack; Rare Clothes Pack; Gangland Style; Racing Action Pack; Composer Pack; Fantasy Pack; Education Pack; Dungeon Pack; Zombie Defense Pack; Vegas Pack; Farm Pack; Mad Scientist Kit; City Pack; Wild West Pack; Astro Pack; Surgical Kit; Prehistoric Pack; Shop Pack; Home Pack; Cinema Pack; Adventure Pack; Rockin’ Pack; Game Pack; Superhero Pack; Crime Wave; Fashion Pack; Sports Ball Pack; Fishin’ Pack; Firefighter Pack; Steampack; Painters Pack; B.O.O. Training Pack; Paleontologist’s Kit; Anemsynth Pack


Locks And Stuff:
  • Small; Big; Huge; Builders Lock;  World Lock; Backpack Upgrade; Grow Spray Fertilizer; Deluxe Grow Spray; Signal Jammer; Zombie Jammer; Punch Jammer; Birth Certificate; Change of Address; Door Mover; Vending Machine.


Weather Machines
  • Sunny; Night; Arid; Rainy Night; Warp Speed; Mars Blast; Termonuclear Blast; Undersea Blast; Cave Blast; Stuff; Jungle;


Awesome Items:
  • Turtle Hat; tiny Horsie; Pleiadian Star Ship; Dragon Head; Little Red Corvette; Stick Horse; Ambulance; Riding Raptor; Mid-pacific Owl; Unicorn Garland; Starboard; Growley Motorcycle; Geiger Counter; Monkey on your Back; Carrot Sword; Red Bicycle; Fire Truck; Pet Slime; Silkworm.

And, that’s about it! We have covered everything buyable in the shop!


Now, the fun part: how to use our Growtopia hack for unlimited gems – no survey!

If you’re already familiar with how our game hacks here at GameBag work, Growtopia cheat will come easy and natural for you. As you might have already noticed, all of our game hacks work the same way.

And if you’re one of our new users, let us first welcome you! Thank you for using our Growtopia gem hack! Now, follow these 3 simple steps and you will get your unlimited gems for the game without running into any problems! Let’s go!

  1. First things first, scroll to the bottom of this page. Find big red button labeled “Online Hack”. Press it and you will get redirected to our Growtopia hack tool!
  2. Once you are on that page simply press the big “Connect” button located in the center. This will begin automated process of connecting you to one of our hack servers. Don’t worry, this process is automated so all you have to do is wait some time and you will get connected. And if for any reason you fail to connect during your first try, simply refresh the page and try again!
  3. When the safe connection between you and our hack tool has been established all that is left for you to do is select the amount of Gems you wish wired to your account. After that, insert Username and Platform and press “Generate”. And watch the magic happen!


Enter account information to generate resources from our Growtopia hack

Generated resources from our Growtopia cheat!


Once again, thank you for using our Growtopia hack with no survey! See you again soon!



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