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Get free unlimited Tokens and Cash with Bloons TD 5 Hack – No Survey Version

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Are you ready to pop every bloon there is? Well, now is your chance! Welcome to our Bloons TD 5 hack – the best hack for this awesome game that will always keep you on your toes! And if you have accidentally stumbled on this article and still haven’t played this internet sensation make sure to change that pronto and pick it up from, well, whichever you prefer: iOS, Android, Windows Phone and PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox or Browser, they all have it!

And if you are already familiar with all and everything the game has to offer than you’re in luck! Because all that is left to do is check out our Bloon TD 5 hack with no survey and you will be set for the rest of your monkey life!


Why use Bloons TD 5 Hack?

Well, maybe better question could be: “Why not to use this awesome, amazing Bloons Tower Defense 5 online hack?” Because the best way to keep those awful bloons away from your tower is to get unlimited money and make sure you have good back up going into every round.

So, don’t worry, your monkey dreams are on the right path of becoming monkey reality. Just stick with us as we go through all you can buy once you hack Bloons TD 5 for unlimited cash and tokens!


Hack Bloons TD 5 for shop goodies!

Money is always in high demand in the land of bloons-popping monkeys. And when the armies of camo, lead or even those high tech MOAB balloons attack, you need to retaliate. So, to help you decide on what to spend all those resources we decided to do a shop breakdown for you guys.

Don’t worry, after using our Bloons Tower Defense 5 cheat, you will have enough cash to buy it all! But, a little help is always wanted, so here are all things you can buy after you hack Bloons Tower Defense 5!


Premium Store

First thing you should visit after using Bloons TD 5 hack tool is the premium store. In this store you will make sure your start stats are the best they can be. And this will significantly increase you’re your chances of beating down those awful sneaky bloons!

So, to make it easier for you, we decided to break down everything you can buy and give you all the prices. Think of it as a cheat sheet for everything to buy after using the hack. Neat, right?

  • Double Cash Mode: get 2 money for every bloom popped and double amount at the beginning of each round -7500$
  • Healthy Bananas: adds 1 life per banana farm – 1000$
  • Bigger Beacons: your monkey village will have larger influence -1000$
  • Handful of Tokens: exchange cash for 5 tokens – 750$

And after you get this it’s time to see what other stuff Bloons vast shop has to offer.


Monkey Lab

Now it is time to use those tokens to the good use. In Monkey Lab you will have opportunity to strengthen your monkeys and make them even more badass. Each upgrade can go up to level 8 so be sure to stack up! And, don’t worry, as soon as you run out of tokens, all you need to do is hop back over to GameBag and run our Bloons Tower Defense 5 hack tool again and you will be good to go! So, let’s see what this monkey lab has to offer.

  • Popping Power: increases popping power of every tower and agent deployed by 2% – 2 tokens
  • Attack Speed: as the name implies, increases your attack speed by 2% – 2 tokens
  • Starting Cash: every regular game will grant you bonus 10$ starting cash – 1 token
  • Starting Lives: bonus 10 starting lives – 1 token
  • Sell Price: increases the amount of cash redeemed by selling tower to 82% of what you’ve spent – 2 tokens
  • Big Bloon Sabotage: reduces by 2% the number of hit points for every MOAB, BFB and ZOMG – 2 tokens
  • Ability Cooldown: cooldown time for your activated abilities is reduced by 2% – 1 token

Are you ready for the next part? Because after we’ve hacked Blooms TD 5 –no survey for all those monkey upgrades it’s time to get our army ready!


Special Agents

Every army needs special agents. Just one more cog in the wheel on the way to victory. And that is exactly what you’re buying in this section. So, get ready to once again stack up on cash with our cheat as we’re about to go through one of the best paid aid Bloons has to offer.

  • Banana Farmer: if your hand is getting tired from harvesting bananas manually, get these helpers to pick them up for you – 40$
  • Radadactyl : get this prehistoric predator to pop every bloon in the vicinity of their nest – 100$
  • Tribal Turtle: turtles live on both land and water and throw spears and coconuts. Coconuts do extra damage to ceramic bloons and can pop both frozen and lead ones – 85$
  • Bloonsday Device: temporary take control of orbital strike satellite whose beam can destroy all regular bloons and do extreme damage to MOAB type ones – 250$
  • Meerkat Spy: has no attack but can spot camo bloons and gives all towers in vicinity same power – 60$
  • Bloonberry Bush: plant a fast-growing tree that pops every bloon that goes over it – 50$
  • Bee Keeper: hive of angry bees that pop all layers of bloons – 120$
  • Angry Squirrel: has sharp acorns and goes berserk after bloons leak and then for a few seconds moves much faster and can spot camo and pop lead bloons – 60$
  • Super Monkey Storm: squadron of super-powered monkeys armed with lasers come to your defence to destroy all bloons on screen and do big damage to MOAB bloons – 50$
  • Portable Lake: plant portable lake on land to put your water units on land – 40$
  • Pontoon: plant land on water to put almost any land tower on water – 40$

And that is it! We’re done with the store! Now, all that is left is to do is use Bloons TD 5 hack!


How to use Bloons TD 5 Hack Tool

To use our game hack tool all you need to do is find big red “ONLINE HACK” button at the bottom of this page. Once you’re on that page all you need to do is follow instructions written there and you will get to to bloons td 5 unlimited money in no time. And if you follow instructions, the end result should look something like this:
Insert account information for Bloons TD 5 Hack like this!

And this is how it looks like when Bloons TD 5 cheat does the magic!


Please don’t spam

Also, we would like to take this opportunity to ask you to to spam “GENERATE” button. Any abuse of the button will result in immediate start of our No Bot System and you won’t be able to use any of our game hack until you pass our Human Verification test. That is to avoid crashing our servers, as all GameBag’s hacks share same servers. TWe at GameBag thank you in advance and hope we can help you in making sure no evil bloon can breach your tower!



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